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Have you recently considered eating differently?Veganism? Food-Prep? Paleo?There are a lot of options nowadays. Choosing to eat differently can be a huge decision in one’s life. This is not just because of you experiencing different tastes, as well as exhibiting more dietary self control; but also because your social circle will not be going on this food change journey with you. So naturally you will receive a lot of stares, questions, concerns, etc, if your social circle catches wind of you attempting to change your eating lifestyle. But this is mostly due to food having more meaning to people than just sustenance. Our families and social circles consider food as a way to connect deeply and not just energy necessary to move our bodies. The consumption of food has so many more implications than just a meal going into our stomach, so we have to be thoughtful when it comes to changing the way we eat. So what can help us take the leap to eat differently when it can cause a strain on our social lives?


One of the very most important ways to deal with eating differently than others is to be confident in what you’re doing. Continue to eat with family and friends so that you can maintain your connection with them, but be sure to choose a dish that suits your new dietary needs. Be strong with your dedication to your new lifestyle and don’t allow peer pressure to send you off course or make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t hide your new approach to food for the sake of avoiding discomfort. If someone around you is concerned that the way you are eating is unhealthy, give them the facts. Tell them what types of nutrients you’re getting through your new choice of foods, how much newfound energy you’ve gained, and be sure to be honest.


First, there’s the issue of trying to eat healthier while also getting enough of your necessary calories. Others might think you are fad “dieting” because you are choosing lower calorie options which are more plant based or less processed but it’s important to communicate that your change is based on a thoroughly researched lifestyle choice and not just a fleeting diet. Without clear communication some people may see you as someone with a diet “problem.” The thing is, you can still choose to eat what you want, and even differently than others, without it becoming a social problem. It’s important to continue eating with them and not isolating yourself from meal times because of eating differently because it will help you stay the course.


What are some food choices to consider changing to? Well the vegan lifestyle is a very polarising diet choice which has gotten more popular in recent years.  Veganism has come a long way in terms of public perception in the last few years. Once almost exclusively reserved for peace-loving hippies, tree-huggers and animal rights enthusiasts, now has a variety of health conscious people taking an interest in it. This totally animal-free diet’s popularity is now at an all-time high. Celebrities like ex-president Bill Clinton are helping to lead the charge by getting more people to know about it.

But before you jump on the no-meat-eggs-or-dairy bandwagon, you should know what you’re getting into. Here are things to expect when you’re going vegan. Swapping out meat for white bread, pasta, and other packaged foods can set you up for failure when going vegan. It’s typically not great to trade in animal products, which contain protein, vitamins, and minerals, for processed foods that provide little nutritional value other than calories. It will technically be vegan but the true result will be hunger, weight gain, and a grumpier mood. So it’s best to not just wake up one morning magically become vegan. It takes work, so it should also take time. Start by adding more plant-based foods to your current diet, while at the same time cutting back on animal products. Next gradually cut those processed, and refined foods. Making slight changes and assessing how you are feeling along the way is so vital to making a real change. Also knowing that you will need to to supplement those nutrients missing from not eating animal products. Nutrients like protein, and vitamin B12 are naturally found in animal based foods and are very important to keeping us healthy.  Protein can easily be replaced by eating lentils, tofu, nuts, etc. but vitamin B12 is not as easy to replace. Vitamin B12 occurs naturally only in animal foods, so you’ll want to stock up on B12 vitamins. B12 keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps to make our DNA. B12 deficiencies can lead to tiredness, weakness, constipation, weight loss (the bad kind), nerve problems, and depression.

Trying different food options in Seoul can be even more challenging due to the cultural differences in what’s acceptable to eat at meals in social situations.  Koreans place a lot of value on eating together as a way to connect and not eating what the group eats can be a bit disruptive to the group’s chemistry. So different types of food lifestyle choices are much slower to get to Korea because of these cultural issues. But more options have been showing up recently such as:


Sprout- a great vegan meal prep system. They create vegan based subscription meals for people to order for delivery. They take the guesswork out of going vegan because they allow the customer to choose their meal subscriptions by the week, month, etc.  So customers can just receive the variety of meals; eat them for that week all without stressing and thinking about what to eat! Located at 1-54 Yongsandong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu


Plant – vegan bakery and cafe. This location changes it’s menu everyday for a nice exciting change which helps those that get tired of boring low calorie diets.  Their baked goods are loved by vegans, as well as anyone else who likes great baked delicacies. I guess the biggest compliment you can give them is that nothing made at Plant makes you feel that it’s too healthy tasting. Located at Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 63-15


SpoonMe – Another great vegan and vegetarian meal-to-go service. When it comes to eating healthy, they truly believe that being good should never be boring or flavorless. They specifically attack the struggle of trying to eat food that is both healthy and delicious. SpoonMe, specifically  doesn’t believe in dieting, so they create dishes delicious enough to be in anyone’s food lifestyle. They recently teamed up with Shuttle Delivery Service and moved their operations to High Street Market. Now, when placing an order on their site, you will be re-directed to Shuttle’s website. There are 3 options for you to receive your order: 1. Monday Delivery for those living in the Yongsan – gu area. 2. Pick up at High Street Market in Itaewon. 3. Cj 택배 for surrounding Seoul and every other part of Korea.


Blend Lab – A smoothie focused cafe. Try drinking a daily smoothie. Breakfast can be kind of a train wreck when in your 20s. Forgetting to eat in the morning will only make you more tired and hungrier later. Try to start nearly every morning with something nourishing like a smoothie; with classic favorites like almond milk-peanut butter-banana combo or a green smoothie with spinach. Starting the day with something gives us energy and a clear head. Blend Lab in Itaewon boasts the most authentic smoothies in town. Located at 용산구 이태원동 455-23; Seoul, South Korea 04351

If you don’t like sandwiches and eat them everyday for lunch just to seem normal to others, quit eating those sandwiches! Listen to your body and eat what makes you feel nice, helps you look better, and what helps your mind function in the best possible way. If you get headaches, stomachaches, or you are easily tired and fatigued, then listen to your body. Too much caffeine, sugar, and nasty fats could taste great but won’t keep your body happy in the long term. But real, unprocessed clean foods will. If all else fails, you can always listen to the signs coming from your body.  If it isn’t digesting food well, listen to it and try something else. It will always be there to try to tell you something.

Shuttle Delivery vs 3rd Annual Route 66 Chili Cook Off



Recently Shuttle Delivery was invited to the Annual Route 66 Chili Cook Off. This was the 3rd Annual Route 66 Chili Cook Off: Sponsored by Berentzen. They have had more participants and attendees every year since its launch in 2013. 1st place chili takes around 350,000, 2nd 150,000, 3rd a bottle of Berentzen liqueur. Cook-off participants donate 60,000 won for the pot, which allows the winners to receive their compensation after the competition from that pot. Tickets were 25,000 won for attendees. Route 66 limits the amount of tickets sold at around 60 – 70 attendees so it’s best to move fast on buying tickets in order to get a spot. Tickets for the Cook Off sold out in less than 24 hours this year.



Most people have such an endearing affection for Chili, which is why the amount of enthusiasm has increased exponentially since the launch of the Route 66 Chili Cook Off. There are so many kinds of chili with varieties that vary depending on the make, and spice levels. There are meat only versions, as well as veggie, and vegan among others. The Cook Off participants just bring their best chili with enough for attendees to sample and Route 66 provides the bowls, onions, cheese, and sour cream.


Route 66’s intent was to find the best chili makers in Seoul to make some of their favorite batches and see who would reign supreme. All while giving the attendees a chance to gather in one place to peruse the different styles and enjoy a few bowls of some mighty fine chili.


Last year’s 2015 Chili Cook Off, Route 66 hosted 12 different varieties from 12 different participants, and this year there were 12 participants again but more attendees. 2016 saw many types of chilis; there was lamb, vegan, a bacon chipotle, a pulled pork chili, a super spicy chili, a meat combo chili, and others. The winner for the 2016 3rd Annual Route 66 Chili Cook Off: Sponsored by Berentzen was Chuck Chun from Cali Kitchen, with his very nice Braised Short Rib Chili! Shuttle Delivery came up a little short this year but still winning 3rd place. Ryan Philips was representing Shuttle Delivery for this event; and for our first outing, we had to be proud of the results of at least placing 3rd out of 12 participants.  But rest assured that Mr. Philips guarantees he won’t be satisfied with 3rd for next year and wants to win it all next year.


Ryan Phillips has taken on a great Kitchen Consulting position with Shuttle Delivery recently and he has been very integral for Shuttle Delivery’s future plans for ready-made microwaveable premium delivered meals. Shuttle Delivery and Ryan are working out the kinks of this project to hopefully launch it full-scale sometime soon.  Maybe his delightful chili will be one of the offerings he provides customers with once those ready-made microwaveable meals are available for delivery. He has proven to be a very capable and exciting chef with a ton of energy. We believe with the help of Ryan Philips, Shuttle Delivery will continue to innovate how Seoul residents enjoy their meals.


Happy Holidays to Our Shuttle Family and Furry Friends


The Christmas season is upon us and with this extremely busy time of year, let us not forget our special family members on our holiday shopping list—our pets. What are the best gifts for our pets? Let’s admit it. Most pets hate wearing clothes. While Christmas sweaters are extremely cute on our furry friends; there are some other gifts to consider like toys, beds, feeders, snacks, and food.


Especially Food! Pets deserve delicious food this season. We as pet owners do whatever it takes to ensure that we are providing the healthiest food possible for our pets. Food that we can trust and feel confident feeding to our pets. Dry and wet recipes, treats, grain-free options and more; there are many brands here in Seoul that your pet will love, while consuming the nutrients your pet needs.


It’s hard to know where to start when choosing a pet food that best fits your furry family member. What ingredients should we look for? What ingredients should we avoid for the pet foods we are looking at? What’s up with the raw feeding phenomenon? Thankfully, the team here at Shuttle studied some blogs to see the skinny on the pet foods available in Korea.  The studies we found show that over 70% of pet people surveyed  don’t know what’s in the food they give their pets. Thankfully, knowing what’s in our pet’s food will help maintain the safety of our dogs and cats. Now we have information on the internet which helps people understand what goes into pet food so we can make safe, healthy decisions for our best friends.

holiday-foods-dangerous-for-dogs-and-cats-from-pets-best-pet-insuranceThe wrong combination of ingredients can lead to serious health issues and concerns like digestive tract problems and allergic reactions. The pet experts interviewed by all agreed that food with bad ingredients can even lead to our pets suffering from bad mental health and stress. According to one of those experts quoted in the study, “If not healthy and feeling good the pets cannot focus or concentrate.” It makes sense, especially if you think about your pet’s diet compared to your own: in general, healthful meals make us feel better, and junk food makes us feel, well, like junk. It’s the same for our little friends.


Some good healthy premium brands of pet food sold here in Seoul include Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Orijen. These brands are rated heads and shoulders above the rest but are very expensive here in Seoul. Theses particular brands are much more expensive than they would be in the United States but there are still some more fairly priced alternatives that you may be familiar with like tidy cat, science diet, and purina. There are also some good Korean products available as well.  Among Korean pet food suppliers in 2012, China had the largest market share (27 percent), amounting to $30.2 million, followed by the United States (26 percent), France (17 percent), and Thailand (11 percent). The remaining 19 percent was divided among many countries. There is expected to be a continued growth in demand for pet food resulting from increased income and popularity in pet ownership, especially dogs. Dog treats registered the fastest current value growth of 8 percent. So you will see that more products are rapidly arriving, as Korea is gaining more enthusiasm for pets every year.

Here is a good site to see some potential choices:

You can also find all the premium brands on gmarket, coupang, and other korean e-commerce sites.  As we mentioned, other pet supplies are also more expensive here in Seoul but sometimes you can find a deal on delivery.  A cat litter box is $26, a bag of litter is about $15 depending on the quality, low to mid range cat food is $24 and a bag of store brand dog food is $10 if you are really on a budget.  Low to mid-grade pet products are in all the markets, with a greater variety in the local pet stores and vets. Eventually Shuttle plans to offer on-demand deliveries for pet food as well, since we have heard our customers ask for pet food delivery in the past.

But most importantly is to make sure your animals are not eating table scraps, especially during the holidays. Pets should not eat the food that we eat. It’s imperative that we stay strict with our little friends because it could possibly cause them a lot of pain if we give in to their demands.Golden retriever looking at chicken leg on dining table, close-up, high angle view

Well we hope you and your pets have a wonderful holiday season! The shuttle office loves animals and we only want the best for our customers and their pets at Christmas. Merry Christmas!