Our Busan Delivery Favorites

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Whether you are visiting Busan or are a Busan resident, we have you covered. Shuttle is continuously expanding its coverage in cities outside of Seoul, and we are we now deliver food in Busan in Haeundae and Gwangali districts.

Today we want to introduce some of our favorite restaurants in Busan.


Are you in the mood for Indian and Nepalese? Namaste is a great restaurant, located in the Haeundae area, to get delicious Indian food in Busan. They have mouthwatering side dishes such as samosa, pakora, and masala papad, and delicious soups. For the main dish, spice up your day by choosing from their varied curry and biryani menus. Click here to see full menu.

Wolfhound Haeundae

The Wolfhound is an amazing place to get delightful western meals. It’s the go-to place if you want a filling portion of tasty and juicy burgers, as well as snacks. Their burger menu is colorful, ranging from cheeseburgers, southern-style barbecue burgers, chicken burgers, and more. 

But that’s not all, The Wolfhound also offers salads, western breakfast-style meals, fish & chips, as well as bangers and mash. Click here to check full menu.


Aren’t burgers the perfect meal? They have proteins, carbs, vegetables, and the mouthfeel that makes you want more and more. Burgershop is a burger specialty restaurant with a nice and affordable menu. Get a delicious bite of their classic burger, their exotic Hawaiian burger, or their tasty Mexican burger. They also provide fries, beverages, and beer. Click here to check full menu.

Hey Patty

Hey Patty is a burger place located in Haeundae. Their menu covers your burger needs with cheese bacon burger, juicy BBQ mushroom burger, avocado burger, and more. They offer side dishes including cole slaw, wings, and fries to ensure you have a filling meal. Click here to check full menu.

Dal Thai

A mix of fresh ingredients, a balanced amount of spices, creamy, and rich-tasting noodles, Thai cuisine is always a great choice. You can find most of your favorite Thai dishes on Dal Thai’s menu. They offer somtam, pad thai, tom yum Kung, Thai curries, and many more options. A look down their menu is like a trip to wonderland: colorful and exotic. Click here to check full menu.

Winery & Wagyu

Winery & Wagyu is a good restaurant for those who like a healthy balance of rice, vegetable, and proteins. They offer Korean-Japanese fusion curries, chicken mayo rice, salmon over rice, and steak over rice at an affordable price. Click here to check full menu.

Gorilla Brewing Co.

Gorilla Brewing Co. has a special place on this list because they offer their own craft beer. Korea has entered a new age of enjoying beers with Korean craft breweries increasing in numbers and becoming popular with the public. Gorilla Brewing Co. delivers refreshing craft beer along with tasty meals to go along with it. If you are having friends over, order their combo meals and get either pizza or wings plus beer. Click here to check full menu.

Hwanggung Jaengban Jjajang

Our final pick for today is an amazing Korean-Chinese (Junghwa) restaurant. Do you want something with Jjajang sauce? How about a bowl of spicy Jjampong and a side of fried rice? Hwanggung Jaengban Jjajangs menu covers all your favorite Korean-Chinese dishes at very reasonable prices. Click here to check full menu.

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Shuttle x Wonderful

The Shuttle VIP Network

In 2020, we are building bridges to get our expat communities more connected.

Last year, we started assembling a network of expat focused organizations. We are offering in-kind sponsorships to a limited number of expat groups and communities, no strings attached. We are providing free deliveries and rebates on Shuttle orders along with VIP offers and discounts from a growing network of local services and businesses. The initiative is centered on giving back to you, our core demographic, the expat community of Korea. If you belong to an organization and you’d like to join our network, send us an email here or read more here.


Today, we are pleased to announce a new VIP partnership with Wonderful. Wonderful is a time based, bilingual personal assistant service helping foreigners living in and travelling to Korea. It’s like having a secretary or a Korean friend.

The team at Wonderful is staffed with bilingual assistants, who are trained to provide excellent customer service and many are expats themselves, so they have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea.

They’ve already processed over 150,000 requests made by expats and tourists over the years. If you’ve got a request, they’ve done it before. They help with things like making reservations to restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc., or booking tickets (bus, train, concert, baseball, etc.), or simply getting assistance with travel itinerary planning, making purchases online, shipping abroad, and a whole lot more.

What’s the offer?

Shuttle VIP customers will receive a 25% discount when they join Wonderful. The regular rate for the first 4 hours is 192,000 KRW at 800 KRW/min, but they are offering VIPs a discounted rate 600 KRW/min for the first four hours.

They are also offering a 5% discount for subsequent deposit top ups. This means that if a user is a Shuttle VIP customer, they can add time to their account at a rate of 760 KRW/min, or 182,400 KRW for 4 hours.

How to sign up?

To join Wonderful, just go to their website and sign up! Enter signup discount code: WONDERSHUTTLE20

You’ll be asked to share a screenshot/photo of your Shuttle VIP status listed in your account settings on the Shuttle app.

Interested in Wonderful? 

Email: hello@gowonderfully.com

Web: www.gowonderfully.com

Easy Delivery In Seoul: Jongno Favourites

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Did you know Jongno is the most recent area added to our expanding delivery coverage in Seoul? As one of the old regions of the city, Jongno houses a great number of restaurants to feed the numerous visitors and business people that are in the area daily. Today we are introducing a handful of great places in Jongno you can order from. 

Gogabin Curry House

Gogabin offers an extended menu of delicious Japanese style curry. If you love curry but can’t eat spicy food, Gogabin has you covered. Try their Butter Chicken Curry with an avocado topping or sweet potato, have a spoonful of the Shrimp Spinach Curry with your favorite topping, or try the hearty Beef Tomato Curry. With rice and mild spice, there is no hungry man curry cannot feed. See full menu here.

Juicy Bros

We cannot get enough of healthy meals. Juicy Bros is one of those restaurants that’s harmonized protein and greens. Their meals come as salads topped with items such as shrimp, beef steak, chicken steak, eel steak, etc. They also offer a wide variety of fresh juice. If you want a healthy and fit body you don’t have to give up on having tasty food! See full menu here.


Mexican is one of those foods that match the palette of most people. With a nice and balanced combination of proteins, carbs, and vegetables it can be both very filling and healthy. Cuchara offers affordable and delicious chipotle style Mexican food. Are you hungry for burritos or tacos? Choose from the many options they have available. See full menu here.

Hooked Poke

Poke is a Hawaiian style delicacy that, like some other options on our list today, is healthy and well balanced. The meal includes a variety of proteins and vegetables dressed in mouth-watering sauces. try their Hawaiian Classic Poke, Yuzu Ponzu Salmon Poke, or even the vegan Wild Mushroom Poke. Hooked Poke is a great restaurant for eating with friends of different dietary preferences. See full menu here.


If you’re in the mood for Indian (Tibetan in this case) style curry, Potala is a great restaurant ran by a native Tibetan. They serve Tibetan, Nepalese, and Northern Indian style meals that are bound to make your mouth tingle with joy. The great thing about Potala is that it also offers vegetarian options so that everyone can eat happily. They also offer set menus, which are more of the good stuff at great prices. See full menu here.

Dos Tacos

Dos Tacos is our second Mexican restaurant of choice today. They have a great variety of Mexican dishes made with tasty and fresh ingredients. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and more: order whatever Mexican food you’ve been missing to your doorstep. If you like avocados, make sure you give the Avocado Chimichanga a try! See full menu here.

Burger Guru 72

At the end of a long day, nothing beats sinking your teeth into the soft bun of a hefty burger and tasting the juicy patty. Burger Guru 72 is going to satisfy that craving. Take a look at their menu and you’ll find something for everyone in the group. They offer more than just burgers, their menu extends to healthy salads cheese-filled quesadillas, and more. Have a warm filling meal tonight! See full menu here.

Are you living in the Jongno neighborhood? Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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