Ambition 2017

We have a lot of really fun things happening at Shuttle these days.  I mean this business can sometimes tire you out.  As the founders of this business we tend to play anywhere we are needed. Some days we are drivers. Other days we are dispatch operators. Others we are customer service representatives. We wear every type of hat necessary at any given time. It can get tiring sometimes because we forget how much people appreciate us, but then someone will give us a brownie or a personal note saying thank you, then all of our stress melts away. It can seem like a thankless job at times but our customers definitely keep us pushing forward.


After nearly 3 years of being in this industry we have finally realized how much more we can offer our customers in terms of making their lives more convenient. We were always a bit worried that we would potentially spread ourselves too thin and not perform our core service well enough as a result.  For a long time we wanted to be one thing so that customers would never be confused on who we were.  We always thought this would be the fastest and most efficient way to make this business successful. We never wanted to lose our ability to provide the highest quality of service due to trying to be too good at far too many things. We had to take a very long look at what we’re trying to become and how happy we could potentially make our customers if we offered more resources for them.


We have decided to roll out 4 major initiatives for a 3 phase development program that we think will help our customers tremendously. We feel that customers want clarity about what they are buying so we are working on a something to help our customers know more about the vendors we are doing business with.  This is a great way to take the guesswork out of choosing for our customers. It is also an excellent way to communicate about the great benefits that our partner vendors are providing.  Next we will expand on our online grocery delivery arm.  It’s something we think can really help our customers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of hauling heavy groceries to their homes. Then we will focus on our meal kit initiative so that we can make curated recipe packs for people who enjoy cooking but don’t want to bother with finding the necessary ingredients.  We will simplify this by supplying the recipes, tutorial videos, ingredients all in a premeasured meal kit box.  Lastly, we plan to give customers more flexibility about when they want their goods to arrive.  We feel many people want their goods delivered on-demand and others want things prepared for a later time; both should get what they want.


As you can see we are being very ambitious with our plans in the upcoming 1.5 years but we know with the continued support of our shuttle customer community that we can accomplish anything. Thank you as always for being on this journey with us and we hope you stay tuned on all the cool things we have planned!

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