Plant opened a new branch in Yeonnam!

The infamous vegan cafe, Plant Cafe & Kitchen, in Itaewon opened a new branch in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul last month.

This was no doubt the best news of summer 2021 for plant lovers based in Mapo-gu and Seodaemun-gu area.

If you didn’t see it on our Instagram, Plant is my personal favorite spot to order from on Shuttle.

I love their Tempeh Rainbow Wrap and their oh-so-flavorful Biryani Garden Bowl, both of which are only available at the Itaewon branch.

Tempeh Rainbow Wrap
Biryani Garden Bowl

Not to mention, all their cakes are divine. Pumpkin Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Banana Salted Caramel Cake… Hello?! Where else can you find vegan variations like this in Seoul? 

Pumpkin Cake
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

If you’re already familiar with Plant’s Itaewon menu, try their best-selling Falafel Salad Bowl or Scramble Burrito which are only available at the Yeonnam branch.

Falafel Salad Bowl
Scramble Burrito

They have slightly different menus, so be sure to check out both locations for delicious vegan meals and treats!

Power Green Smoothie
Beet Juice, Carrot Juice, Green Juice

Check out their full menu below.

Plant Cafe & Kitchen:
🌱 Itaewon 플랜트 이태원점 (서울특별시 용산구 보광로 117 2층)
🌱 Yeonnam 플랜트 연남점 (서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로4길 87)

Bon appetit!

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We are live in Sookmyung University area

ICYMI Shuttle now delivers to Sookmyung University Area!

Here are 4 matjib’s (맛집), meaning delicious restaurant, you can order from today.


Pork Platter
Boiler’s Heavy Duty Burger
Black Angus Beef Ribs Set

This is an epic BBQ spot in a giant underground space near Yongsan station. They make incredible burgers and BBQ ribs. Boilers is our go-to team lunch spot near our Yongsan office.

Order Boilers on Shuttle

더보일러스 (서울특별시 용산구 청파로 112 나진상가 15동 지하1층)

Kyung Sushi

Salmon Roll
9900 Sushi Set

Fresh sushi and rolls. Need I say more? Don’t miss out on their special set for 9900won!

Order Kyung Sushi on Shuttle

경수산스시 (서울특별시 용산구 청파로49길 56)

Xin Moi Vietnamese Pho

Assorted Beef Pho
Bun Cha
Cha Gio

Xin Moi is a popular Vietnamese chain. It gained a lot of popularity through bloggers from their branch located on the Gyeongbu Expressway. They sell an assortment of pho, banh mi, and sides. My personal favorite is Buncha. Beautifully seasoned, flame-grilled pork and meatballs with fresh vegetables and vermicelli noodles, served with a classic tangy-sweet Vietnamese dipping sauce that’s incredibly addicting.

Order Xin Moi Vietnamese Pho on Shuttle

신머이 베트남쌀국수 (서울특별시 용산구 청파로45길 32 1층)

Manjok Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu Curry Deopbap
Kimchi Nabe
Katsu Nabe

At Manjok Tonkatsu you will find tasty variations of katsu, nabe, and noodles for everyone.

Order Manjok Tonkatsu on Shuttle

만족돈까스 (서울특별시 용산구 원효로 244)

Bon appetit!

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Cozy Someday Sinjang

We’ve added our first vegan dessert cafe in Songtan!

Cozy Someday is a cute vintage cafe & bakery that has something for everyone.

Vegan, non-vegan, and gluten-free desserts. 

Here’s some of their vegan lineup, and a couple vegan + gluten-free options to boot.

Raspberry Cookie (Vegan)
Apple Crumble Cookie (Vegan)
Coconut Almond Cookie (Vegan, GF)
Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie (Vegan)
Banana Cake (Vegan, GF)

They also have non-vegan desserts.

Apple Cinnamon Cronut
Blueberry Crumble Bar
Nutella Chocolate Cinnamon Roll

Petition to make them all vegan? 🙋‍♀️

There’s more of these sinfully good looking desserts. You can check out their full menu here.

Wash it down with their delicious coffee varieties, fruit smoothies, sparkling ades, teas, or 1 liter drinks if you’re extra thirsty!

Order Cozy Someday today on Shuttle and let us know what you think.

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#shuttledelivery #셔틀딜리버리

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경기도 평택시 신장동 317-75 1층
Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongtaek-si, Sinjang 2(i)-dong, 317-75


New Restaurants to try in Gongdeok

ICYMI Shuttle now delivers in Gongdeok!

Here are 5 restaurants and cafes you can order from today.

Chef Class

Superior Norwegian Salmon Sashimi Class, 1++ Hanwoo Yukhoe Class

If you like fresh salmon and beef tartare, look no further. Their special sauce will have you coming back for more. Their menu is small, so you know they’re doing something right.

Order Chef Class on Shuttle

셰프클라쓰 (마포점) (서울특별시 마포구 삼개로 15-10 2층)

Cafe IMT

ABC Juice, Wasabi Crab Sandwich, Ham Cheese Sandwich, Bulgogi Sandwich, Mixed Fruit Cup

This sandwich shop puts in a lot of effort to make everything fresh on the day for their health conscious customers. The owner starts preparation every morning at 6am, and uses healthy ingredients and sugar alternatives to make their sandwiches, fruit cups, and smoothies.

Order Cafe IMT on Shuttle

카페아이엠티 마포아크로타워점 (서울특별시 마포구 마포대로 68 1층 122호)

Energy Burger

Energizer Burger, American Hot Dog, Cheese & Egg Grilled Toast

Ironically, this burger spot only has one burger on the menu, but they also serve grilled sandwiches, hot dogs, tonkatsu, and hamburg steaks with rice that’ll satisfy any hungry stomach.

Order Energy Burger on Shuttle

건강한에너지 (서울특별시 마포구 마포대로 68, 상가동 116호)

Full Moon (Manwol)

Brown Cheese Croffle wz Ice Cream, Egg Spam Musubi, Avocado Egg Spam Musubi, Fresh Mango Bingsu, Hong Kong French Toast, Monte Cristo Sandwich

This cafe’s signature menu is the Hawaiian Musubi. They have 5 irresistible variations that’s perfect for a quick and hearty lunch, along with other sweet and savory snacks that’ll brighten up your work day.

Order Full Moon on Shuttle

만월 (서울특별시 마포구 만리재옛길 36 1층)


Sometimes you need a little chicken soup for the soul, but if you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that American-style soup is souper hard to find. Souper’s got Chicken & Vegetable soup (yum!), Mushroom Truffle Bisque, New England Clam Chowder, Chili Con Carne, and Korean-style Pumpkin soup. Complement it with a sandwich and cozy up on the couch with Netflix.

Order Souper on Shuttle

수퍼 (서울특별시 마포구 삼개로 20 근신빌딩 별관 103호)

Have it delivered or order a self pickup.


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Cozy Delivery Meals In Korea For The Holiday Season

Written by Marie for Shuttle

The holidays are slowly arriving and we at Shuttle couldn’t be more excited. It is the season Christmas of lights, music and spending time with friends or family. We made a selection of cozy delivery meals which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your warm home in the week leading up to Christmas. Read on to find out more!

Meat Lokaal (Itaewon)

Meat Lokaal in the Itaewon area specialises in artisan delicatessen. Using their own recipes they prepare special deli meats in small amounts including European-style sausages, smoked sausages, ham, bacon, pastrami, mortadella, and more. Perfect cosy dishes to try in the holiday season! See full menu here.

Wolfhound (Haeundae)

The Wolfhound is known for their amazing pub food, from fish & chips to burgers, fries, bangers & mash, burgers and much more. It is the best comfort food a winter night in. They also have a selection of excellent breakfast dishes like the The Whole Shebang Breakfast. Other Wolfhound restaurants are located in Seoul and Pyeongtaek. See full menu here.

Beth’s Poutine (Yongsan)

The house speciality at Beth’s Poutine in Yongsan are the poutines made with hand-cut fries, homemade cheese curds and a gravy sauce made with Korean beef tail and bones boiled for 8 hours. Are you vegetarian? Fear not, Beth’s Poutine also serves vegetarian poutines with guacamole or roasted mushrooms. See full menu here.

Maloney’s Pub & Grill (Humphreys)

Another great pub food restaurant! Maloney’s Pub & Grill is located in the Camp Humphreys area in Pyeongtaek and sells excellent burgers, sandwiches and pizza. Try the best selling Chicken Chuck Norris Burger or the yummy wings. See full menu here.

American Mood (Mapo)

Everything tastes better with cheese! If you are craving cheese, then this restaurant is a must try. American Mood also has two other restaurants that sell food through shuttle, one in Apgujeong and the other in Itaewon. This restaurants sells sandwiches with fries, mac & cheese and many other side dishes. Make sure to try the cheese whiz philly cheese steaks and the meat chili cheese fries. See full menu here.

Original Pancake House (Itaewon)

The yummy pancakes from the Original Pancake House in Itaewon are perfect to order during the holiday season, especially the house speciality Apple Pancake. Other excellent dishes include the original buttermilk pancakes, honey-cured thick cut bacon & eggs or the french toast. See full menu here.

Regina’s Brunch (Pyeongtaek)

Brunch, the new coolest meal of the day. Regina’s Brunch in Pyeongtaek serves a wide selection of yummy brunch meals. Make sure to try the signature Reginas Chicken & Waffle or the best selling Reginas B.E.C. See full menu here.

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Newest Additions in January 2018 at Shuttle Delivery


Happy New Year from Shuttle Delivery! Here are the new restaurants that joined us during the beginning of January 2018. What a great way to start the year with some fresh new options!


Let’s get started. 

1. What a Salad (Itaewon Location)

See Menu and Order!


What A Salad (‘WAS’) embarked on an exciting journey in Korea to spread a new food trend; a specialized store focused on salads. They have created many unique types of salads. They have also introduced a new culture of clean eating to the Korean market. Among many of their innovative initiatives; What a Salad was able to push the concept of eating a salad with a spoon, which helped make them one of the most famous salad restaurants in Korea. WAS has 8 signature salads,12 homemade dressings and more than 30 toppings; all waiting for your customization. They also have 3 types of homemade cold-pressed juices to assist in your healthy lifestyle.

한국에 새로운 식문화 트렌드를 이끄는 샐러드 전문점을 알리기 위해 왓어샐러드가 나섰습니다.
독특한 종류의 샐러드와 새롭고 깔끔한 식문화를 한국 시장에 선보입니다.
왓어샐러드에서 8가지 시그니쳐 샐러드와 12가지 홈메이드 드레싱, 그리고 30개에 달하는 토핑이 여러분의 커스터마이지을 기다리고 있습니다.
시원한 홈메이드 착즙 쥬스 3종도 함께 여러분의 웰빙 라이프 스타일을 지켜드립니다.

  • Food Type: Vegetarian /Salad
  • Price range: 8000 ~15000 won
  • Hours: 11:00 – 9:00


2. Itaewon Ganges (Hongik Univ. Location)

See Menu and Order!



The Ganges is a sacred river and is worshipped as a goddess. Your body is a temple and it’s time that you start honoring it with heavenly and healthy curries, freshly baked naan, flavor-packed masalas, vindaloos, and biryani. There is something for every food lover: you can have spicy or mild; meat or vegetarian; rice or naan. The Ganges is the answer to your prayers for great Indian food. You don’t have to cross any rivers to enjoy it all, Shuttle’s ready to ride on over to you.

갠지스 강은 신성한 강으로 여신으로 경배됩니다. 여러분의 몸은 사원이고 하늘의 건강한 카레, 갓 구운 난, 맛이 가득한 masalas, vindaloos, biryani로 당신이 그것을 기리기 시작할 때입니다. 모든 음식 애호가에게는 뭔가가 있습니다. 여러분은 매운 맛이나 순한 맛을 드실 수 있습니다. 고기 또는 채식주의 자; 쌀 또는 난. 갠지스는 인도 음식에 대한 당신의 기도에 대한 해답입니다. 강을 건너셔야 만 모든 것을 즐길 수 있습니다. 셔틀이 배달할 준비가 되었습니다.

  • Food Type: Indian
  • Price range: 8000 ~15000 won
  • Hours: 11:00 – 9:00 PM


3. Mixture Experiment (Itaewon Location)

See Menu and Order!


Mixture Experiment is a place where you can enjoy a variety of wonderful cocktails and food. The interior is beautiful and there is always some wonderful music playing there. It is a lounge-type bar with a expansive menu including some delicious meals like hamburgers, pasta, BBQ plates, salads, pizza, and pork chops.

믹스처는 다양하면서 믹스처만의 특징이 있는 칵테일, 음식과 더불어 멋진 음악과 아티스트들의 작품들을 감상할 수 있는 공간입니다. 햄버거와 파스타등의 식사메뉴부터, BBQ플레이트까지 맛있고 퀄리티 있는 음식부터 다양한 시그네쳐 칵테일이 있는 라운지 형태의 바 입니다.

  • Food Type: American Grill /Pizza and pasta
  • Price range: 10,000 ~16000 won
  • Hours: 6:00 – 9:30 PM


4. The Salad Lab(Hanam Dong Location)

See Menu and Order!


All the ingredients of their salads are purchased every morning from the local market. The 11 kinds of Homemade dressings are developed by The Salad Lab and the sandwiches are all uniquely prepared. The juices are blended and squeezed from the finest ingredients for your optimal health.

매일 아침 시장에서 구매한 신선한 재료들로 만든 샐러드와 직접 개발한 11가지 드레싱, 더샐러드랩 만의 특별한 샌드위치, 건강한 착즙주스를 만나보실 수 있습니다.

  • Food Type: Vegetarian /Salad
    Price range: 8000 ~15000 won
    Hours: 11:00 – 9:00 pm



Shuttle’s New Restaurant Partners December 2017


Exciting times here at Shuttle Delivery! We had many new partner restaurants join our Shuttle Delivery roster during the month of December 2017.

We are very excited to have all of them on board and we would like to introduce them to you.


1. Lagrillia restaurant ( Itaewon Location)  See Menu and order!


  • LAGRILLIA is an Italian casual restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious authentic Italian cuisine with a twist of flare.
  • 라그릴리아는 정통 이탈리안 요리를 새롭게 해석한 맛잇는 요리와 소물리에가 엄선한 와인, 다양한 맥주를 함께 즐길 수 있는 이탈리안 캐주얼 레스토랑입니다.

Food Type : Steak / Pasta/ Pizza

Price range: 20,000~30,000 won

Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Delivery fee starts at 500 won only! 


2. The Grid ( Hongdae/ Shinchon Location)  See Menu and Order!


  • Greetings from one of the top Italian restaurants in Sinchon, The Grid! The Grid uses the finest 100% cooking cream imported directly from Italy. They deliver you the same full amount of food you would get inside of their restaurant. Fresh ingredients are used every day for clean and healthy food for you. Great value prices make it affordable for everyone to enjoy. If you order over 15,000 won for dinner, they will add 1 Grid bread and 1 Ade drink for free! ( Please write down the ade you want to receive in the Comment section)
  • 안녕하세요 이탈리안 no.1 레스토랑 더그리드 입니다 저희 더그리드는 이탈리아 직수입 100% 크림만을 사용하며 매장에서 판매하는 양 그대로 변함없이 고객님들 안방까지 전해드리고 있습니다. 매일 신선한 재료를 공급하여 깨끗하고 건강한 먹거리를 만들어내며 저렴한 가격대를 형성해 부담없이 즐기실 수 있습니다 디너 15,000원 이상 주문시 그리드브레드, 에이드 1종 무료증정!

Food Type : Steak / Pasta/ Pizza

Price range: 7,000~15,000 won

Hours: 11:00 – 21:30


3. Thai Square (Hongdae/Hapjung station location) See Menu and Order!


  • Don’t put Thai Square in a box! This restaurant makes traditional Thai food that will have you reminisce and feel nostalgic about that time when you vacationed in Thailand. The salads, noodles, rice, curries, and soups are made with spices and seasonings that lets the food shine. The “sets for 2” are a great deal for a night in with friends, date night, or a dinner with leftovers. This menu even has Morning Glory which is good any time of day.
  • 태국 전통맛을 기본으로하고요 퓨전아닌 전통맛을 그대로 음식에 표현합니다.

Food Type : Traditional Thai food

Price range: 12,000~30,000 won

Hours: 11:00 – 21:30


4. Handinhand Burger (Hongdae/Sinchon Location) See Menu and Order!


  • Hands down HandinHand Burger has the best classic handmade burger in Hongdae. They were featured on ‘CNN go’ in Hongdae! They are the oldest handmade burger joint in the hood, they focus on the fundamentals that take burgers from basic to best. Homemade onion rings and beef patties keeps all the boys and girls coming back for more. Shuttle will get that HandinHand Burger in your hands. NO FUSS! NO FUSION! JUST GOODASS BURGERS!
  • 홍대에서 유일하게 ‘CNN go’ 에 소개된 클래식한 수제버거 브랜드. 퓨전보다는 기본에 집중하며 가장 오래도록 홍대를 지키고 있다. 직접 만드는 어니언링과 소고기 패티, 소스는 한 번 경험한 이들을 단골고객으로 만들게 하는 must eat items! 한국 분들을 비롯해 외국인 손님들 또한 꾸준하게 찾아주시는 이유, 셔틀에서도 경험해보시길 바란다. NO FUSION, KEEP IT REAL!

Food Type: Traditional American Burger

Price range: 12,000~30,000 won

Hours: 11:00 – 21:30


5. Always Tart (Hongdae/Sinchon Location) See Menu and Order!


  • It’s always smart to have Always Tart! The panache of Granach, the fineness of the fermented Fig, and the chase your blues away Blueberry are just a handful of the tarts that can make breakfast beautiful or dessert divine. All the pies are handmade from scratch starting with the pie shell (bottom crust) that is mixed with almond powder for a savory nutty flavor. The pies are 20 cm in diameter and can be purchased in 1/4 sizes. If you purchase a 4-piece set (1 whole pie), it can be packed into a gift box with candles and pretty memo card with a personal message.
  • 파이지엔 아몬드가루가 들어가 파이쉘까지 고소하며 모두 수작업으로 매장에서 직접 만듭니다 1판 지름 20cm 를 4분의 1조각으로 구매가능하시며 동일 메뉴1판 또는 원하시는 메뉴 4조각 (믹스)하셔서 1판 홀로 선택하시면 타르트 전용 박스에 담아드려 생일선물이나 선물용으로 기프트박스에 포장해 드립니다. 예쁜 메모 카드에 간단한 인사말이나 축하 메세지도 써 드리고, 촛불도 포함해 드려요! 코멘트에 촛불의 개수, 남기실 메세지를 써 주세요.

Food Type: Desserts

Price range: 4500 ~18000 won

Hours: 12:00 – 21:30


6. Soul Mucho (Hongdae Location)  See Menu and Order!


  • Every salad includes Mixed Vegetables(Lettuce, Kale, Romaine, etc), Cucumber, Carrot, Olive, Corn, Chickpea, Quail Egg, Cherry Tomato, Nuts(Sunflower, Almond, Walnut), and Cheddar Cheese. Every Salad menu includes extra 1/4 size whole wheat tortilla for salad wrap
  • 모든 샐러드에는 야채믹스(양상추, 케일, 로메인 등), 오이, 당근, 올리브, 옥수수, 병아리콩, 메추리알, 방울토마토, 견과류(해바라기, 아몬드, 호두), 체다치즈가 들어갑니다.
    모든 샐러드에는 샐러드를 넣어 Wrap해 드실 수 있도록 1/4 사이즈의 ‘통밀또띠아’가 제공됩니다.

Food Type : Vegetarian / Salad

Price range: 6000 ~14000 won

Hours: 12:00 – 20:30


7. Si Nar ( Hongdae/Sinchon location) See Menu and Order!



  • “Si” means “yes” in Spanish and you should say yes to Si-Nar! Si-Nar satisfies your desire for healthy salads, spicy Mexican dishes, and savory Spanish cuisine. Tacos, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas filled with fresh vegetables, cheese, homemade sauces and salsa are wrapped tightly in tortillas. The Spanish cuisines are sophisticated and authentic with inspiration. Si-Nar is sabroso and saleroso!
  • 이국적인 스페인요리와 멕시코 요리를 맛 볼 수 있는 레스토랑입니다. 매일 셰프가 선정한 신선한 재료들로 건강하고 맛있는 음식을 만들어 드립니다. 한국인의 넉넉한 인심과 정성을 담은 요리를 제공해 드리며 푸짐한 양과 맛 모두 놓치지 않는 시내입니다.

Food Type :Mexican/Spain

Price range: 10000 ~20000 won

Hours: 12:00 – 20:30


8. Brooklyn Bagel Cafe (Haebangchon) See Menu and Order!


Brooklyn Food Group Bagels – home

  • Health. Value. Reliability. Welcome to the WORLD’S LARGEST WHOLESALE BAKER OF BOILED, FRESH FROZEN BAGELS. Brooklyn Bakery has provided decades of dependable service to many of New York’s oldest and most reliable distributors, including the finest and best known cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Their bakery products are fresh frozen, and use only the finest ingredients with no preservatives. Brooklyn Bakery offers competitive pricing and the most reliable delivery.
  • Brooklyn Food Group 은 뉴욕 브루클린에 위치한 공장에서 정통 뉴욕 스타일 워터 베이글을 생산하여 뉴욕에 있는 수 많은 레스토랑과 베이커리에 판매하고 있는 회사입니다. 브루클린 베이글은 천연재료를 사용하여 베이글을 만들고 1930년부터 90년간 3대로 내려져 왔으며 현재는 공장에서 하루 최대 10만개씩 생산되고 있습니다. BFG Bagels 의 재료 중 가장 중요한 요소인 베이글의 반죽은 뉴욕 허드슨 강물로 만들어진 식수를 사용하며 반죽을 발효하고 삶아서 굽는 과정으로 이루어져 있으며 이 과정을 통해 미국 최고의 베이글로 만들어집니다. “ NO Chemical, Natural Ingredien ts” 를 기본으로 만드는 BFG Bagels는 생산 후 급속 냉동하여 신선도를 유지하는 방법으로 정통 뉴욕 베이글의 참맛을 전세계의 소비자들에게 전달하고 있습니다. 베이글의 생산 과정은 유튜브에서 “Brooklyn Food Group Bagels” 키워드로 확인할 수 있습니다. Brooklyn Food Group은 뉴욕의 최고의 베이커리 중에서도 가장 유명하고 경쟁이 치열한 뉴욕 브루클린에서 200개 이상의 이탈리안 레스토랑과 베이커리에서 베이글을 판매한 노하우로 한국 소비자들에게 맞는 베이글을 제공 할 수 있을 것으로 확신합니다.

Food Type: Breakfast and Brunch/ Bagel Sandwiches

Price range: 2000 ~8000 won

Hours: 9:00 – 15:30

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9. Crabjack (Hongdae/Sinchon) See Menu and Order!









  • You do not need to travel abroad to enjoy this taste! Now in the heart of Seoul, you can experience the good ole fashion dishes that are offered in the States. Crabjack brought not just the taste but also the entire atmosphere of the West Coast. If you are new to Crabjack, the experience will be intense, and if you are already familiar with the taste in America, then it will bring back fond memories of familiar taste and atmosphere.
  • 이 맛을 즐기기 위해 해외로 나간다구요? 이제는 서울 한복판에서 미국에서 맛보았던, 다소 거칠고 투박하지만 정감있던 씨푸드 요리를 만나보아요! 맛 뿐만 아니라 미서부 분위기 까지도 그데로 옮겨온 크랩잭!! 처음 온 분들에겐 참심함을, 이전에 미국 봍토의 맛을 보았던 분들께는 친숙함과 함께 아련한 추억을 선사합니다!

Food Type: Amercian Seafood

Price range: 22,000 ~35,000 won

Hours: 12:00 – 20:30


10. Doner Kebab (Hannam Dong Location) See Menu and Order!


  • A steady seller of German street food, Doner Kebab!
    This exceptional European style kebab is made with everyday-prepped vegetables and abundant meat. Wanna try some kebab like no other? Have this healthy food delivered right to your door!
  • 독일 스트리트 푸드의 스테디셀러 도너케밥!
    매일 손질한 신선한 야채와 푸짐한 고기, 유럽인들에게 사랑을 듬뿍 받는 현지 스타일의 트레디셔널 케밥. 건강과 맛을 중요하게 생각하는 현대인들에게 걸맞는 Healthy Food! 한 끼 식사로도 충분합니다!

Food Type: German-Style Kebab

Price range: 7000~13,000 won

Hours: 11:30 – 21:30


11. Luigi’s Pizza (Hannam Dong Location) See Menu and Order!


  • A restaurant with a concept motivated by Luigi’s Pizza from ‘The Simpsons’. The standard of American Pizza using fresh dough, and delicious  shrimp. Great beers also available!
  • 미국피자의 정석 심슨에 나오는 Luigi’s 피자집을 모티브로 만든 Daily Restaurant! 신선한 재료와 생도우로 직접 만든 미국피자와 맥주를 맛볼 수 있는 곳.

Food Type: Traditional Italian Pizza

Price range: 12.500~15,000 won

Hours: 11:30 – 21:30


12. Cultwo Chicken ( Hongdae/ Sinchon Location) See Menu and Order!


  • Cultwo Chicken has had a cult following for a long clucking time. Treat your mouth to a treasure trove of chicken tenders, wings, and drumsticks. Onion Cream Shrimp Chicken, Boneless Carbonara Chicken, and the Osaka Chicken Yaki are just a few examples of Cultwo’s revolutionary approach to fried chicken. Before you grab some flavorless food for dinner, take two and get Shuttle to bring Cultwo to you.
  • 국내 어떤 치킨보다 안심하고 먹을 수 있는 명품 수제치킨!

Food Type: Fried Chicken/ Marinated sauce Chicken

Price range: 17.000~20,000 won

Hours: 11:30 – 21:30


13. Pizza Company (Itaewon Location) See Menu and Order!



  • Pizzas are made with 100% natural cheese and top quality ingredients!
    They are always trying to be the best, putting their entire effort into their food while hopefully bringing happiness to you as well.
    Pizza Company thinks of their customers as part of their family; so they provide service with all of their hearts.
    Ingredients are top quality, and prices are easy on the pockets. Service with a smile. 🙂
  • 100%자연산 치즈와 최상급 재료로 만든 피자!
    피자컴퍼니는 고객에게 맛과 정직함을 제공하는 피자 전문 브랜드 피자컴퍼니입니다.
    항상 최고가 되기 위해 열과 성을 다하고 행복과 기쁨을 함께 드리려고 노력하는 곳!
    고객을 생각하는 마음과 가족 같은 마음으로 정성껏 준비하고 친절로서 맞이하고 있습니다.
    깨끗한 실내 공간과 아늑하고 편리한 시설로 오시는 분의 편안한 안식처가 되겠습니다.
    최상급의 재료만을 엄선하고, 부담 없는 가격으로 만날 수 있는 곳,
    정성스런 마음으로 고객의 만족을 높여 드리며,
    항상 친절한 미소와 최상의 서비스로 여러분을 모시겠습니다.

Food Type: American & Grill, Italian & Pizza

Price range: 9900~23,000 won

Hours: 11:30 – 21:30