Cozy Delivery Meals In Korea For The Holiday Season

Written by Marie for Shuttle

The holidays are slowly arriving and we at Shuttle couldn’t be more excited. It is the season Christmas of lights, music and spending time with friends or family. We made a selection of cozy delivery meals which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your warm home in the week leading up to Christmas. Read on to find out more!

Meat Lokaal (Itaewon)

Meat Lokaal in the Itaewon area specialises in artisan delicatessen. Using their own recipes they prepare special deli meats in small amounts including European-style sausages, smoked sausages, ham, bacon, pastrami, mortadella, and more. Perfect cosy dishes to try in the holiday season! See full menu here.

Wolfhound (Haeundae)

The Wolfhound is known for their amazing pub food, from fish & chips to burgers, fries, bangers & mash, burgers and much more. It is the best comfort food a winter night in. They also have a selection of excellent breakfast dishes like the The Whole Shebang Breakfast. Other Wolfhound restaurants are located in Seoul and Pyeongtaek. See full menu here.

Beth’s Poutine (Yongsan)

The house speciality at Beth’s Poutine in Yongsan are the poutines made with hand-cut fries, homemade cheese curds and a gravy sauce made with Korean beef tail and bones boiled for 8 hours. Are you vegetarian? Fear not, Beth’s Poutine also serves vegetarian poutines with guacamole or roasted mushrooms. See full menu here.

Maloney’s Pub & Grill (Humphreys)

Another great pub food restaurant! Maloney’s Pub & Grill is located in the Camp Humphreys area in Pyeongtaek and sells excellent burgers, sandwiches and pizza. Try the best selling Chicken Chuck Norris Burger or the yummy wings. See full menu here.

American Mood (Mapo)

Everything tastes better with cheese! If you are craving cheese, then this restaurant is a must try. American Mood also has two other restaurants that sell food through shuttle, one in Apgujeong and the other in Itaewon. This restaurants sells sandwiches with fries, mac & cheese and many other side dishes. Make sure to try the cheese whiz philly cheese steaks and the meat chili cheese fries. See full menu here.

Original Pancake House (Itaewon)

The yummy pancakes from the Original Pancake House in Itaewon are perfect to order during the holiday season, especially the house speciality Apple Pancake. Other excellent dishes include the original buttermilk pancakes, honey-cured thick cut bacon & eggs or the french toast. See full menu here.

Regina’s Brunch (Pyeongtaek)

Brunch, the new coolest meal of the day. Regina’s Brunch in Pyeongtaek serves a wide selection of yummy brunch meals. Make sure to try the signature Reginas Chicken & Waffle or the best selling Reginas B.E.C. See full menu here.

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Restaurants with ZERO delivery fee


Hi again Shuttle Community. This week we decided to do something that we felt was very important.  We wanted to write our blog about some partner restaurants which decided to work with us on the monthly promotion that we have been doing for over 6 months now.  These restaurants exclusively allow us to deliver to customers for no delivery fee.  The only thing the customer has to pay for is the cost of the food! We think this is worth promoting, since we would always hear naysayers in the company’s beginnings say that no one would ever pay for delivery. This statement was found to be quite untrue, but we still believe that there are customers out there that paying a delivery fee inhibits them from trying the service.

So without much further ado; Here are the restaurants participating in our no delivery fee promotion!


First up is Belgrade. Belgrade originally found fame on the Korean TV show ‘Gourmet Road’ (식신로드)

Belgrade Bar&Grill debuted on the famous TV show ‘Gourmet Road’ and was introduced as the first and only Serbian restaurant in Korea. In the show, viewers find out what Jong Jun-Ha, Min-a from AOA, Park Ji-yoon and Lee Jae-Hoon think about Belgrade Bar&Grill.


Belgrade was opened with the idea of bringing the owners’ beloved Balkan cuisine to Seoul. Now with Shuttle Delivery it can arrive right to your door. Belgrade is very proud of their in-house cured and prepared meats, fired over a custom grill in true Balkan style. Experience tender Balkan Style beef, succulent pork, and juicy chicken dishes full of herbal flavors that tantalize your tastebuds. Welcome Belgrade to your home.


Next up is House of Wings. Their claim to fame is being focused solely on wings.  Wings are not considered the favorite piece of chicken for Koreans (They usually prefer thigh meat) so this was a bigger risk as a business in Seoul than it would be if opened in the States. This place focuses on high quality simple ingredients and homemade sauces to set themselves apart from pub grub wings.  The restaurant is owned by John and he has a great reputation as friendly and personable man. John has principles that he strives to abide by; He chooses ingredients based on sustainability and simplicity. He also uses only domestic fresh ingredients in his food and organic ingredients whenever possible.

His wings are categorized into world city names that represent the different sauces that Chef John creates. 5 flavors represented by these 5 global cities; Buffalo, Seoul, Roma, Beijing, and Bangkok. The Buffalo city wings do a great job of having a pretty traditional buffalo flavor with home-made hot sauce and butter. The Seoul city wings are sweeter and consist of soy sauce, garlic and red pepper flakes; Long-term Seoul residents will recognize the flavor as being similar to Korean style Sweet and Spicy (Yangnyeom sauce) Chicken. The Roma City wings are based on the recipe of the well known Parmesan and Garlic chicken eaten in the states. The Beijing City wings are based a bit on the American Chinese mainstay General Tso’s chicken with ingredients like Yuza Jam, brown rice vinegar, and chilli pepper. And the last variety of wings he offers are the Bangkok City wings; they have distinct Thai flavors, because ingredients like Thai red curry paste and coconut milk are used.


Next we have Persian Queen. Persian Queen gives you the royal treatment every time. Persian Queen is famous for its curry and taking an innovative approach to traditional Indian food with quality meats, vegetable, and spices. Dedicated chefs and owners make the dining experience at home or at the restaurant more fulfilling. One of the greatest Indian (North Indian) restaurants in Seoul but with just a cult following due to it’s small interior. It’s a very intimate place, perfect for a couple but it’s tiny so better just to get it delivered since there is no fee anyway 🙂


And last but not least we have Spoon Me! Eat well, Stay Healthy is the motto. SpoonMe is a premium plant-based meal service designed for people on the move. Without an actual physical location, Spoon Me relies on Shuttle to serve it’s growing base of customers. They make creative, healthy and delicious bowls that are a perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians and those excited about healthy eating options. They understand the struggle of trying to eat food that is both nutritious and delicious—so their goal is to provide you with delivered, affordable, meals that save you valuable time and energy in your busy life. Unique and well balanced bowls are prepared with natural and fresh ingredients, guaranteed to leave you satisfied and feeling great. Spoon Me really believes eating healthy is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

They have delivery options for everyone, with local quick service or door-to-door nationwide delivery.

Shuttle Delivery
Residents of central Seoul can order everyday on-demand at
You can pay online or specify cash or card on delivery.

Residents in other parts Seoul and nation-wide can receive next-day deliveries. Orders placed today will be shipped in refrigerated packaging tomorrow.

Market Kurly
Korean speakers can order and pay online at www.Kurly.comfor next day delivery.


All of these options are free delivery and can be delivered to you today! Place your order and only worry about the cost of the food. These 4 restaurants are at least worth trying out because of that. 🙂

Introduce Your Friends to Shuttle & Eat for Free!


We want to grow our community and reach out to all the people in Seoul who haven’t heard that they can order more than chicken and pizza. And you can help us do it.

We started this very exciting initiative about a year ago to help everyone learn about getting great food delivered right to their doors. It’s a referral program where we are offering new user’s first order delivery fee with us to be exempt. We will cover the 4,000 won cost of the new referred customer and we will offer the referrer something valuable in return as well! We think this is a great opportunity for all participating referrers because essentially you are giving away something very useful to your friends, church community, family members, roommates, sports teammate, etc. while also getting Shuttle credit for yourself.


If you love Shuttle Delivery and you love free stuff, then you definitely want to get in on this: You earn ₩ 4,000 in Shuttle credit for each friend that you get to sign up. Your account will be credited after their first order. You can also click one of the social media buttons on our “Tell a Friend” Shuttle page to automatically post it to Facebook, tweet it, or email it. Referrers get a unique referral code to share with whomever they choose, so that every time they get a new person to try our service, the referrer gets paid in Shuttle credit.  


We hope everyone helps us spread the word on this very exciting initiative! Our company was formed by a bunch of expats who decided to solve a food delivery problem plaguing the Seoul foreign community for a very long time; so we want our Shuttle Delivery service to continue to spread in order for it to be used by more and more foreigners within our previously neglected expat community. Do your neighbor a favor and tell them about Shuttle Delivery today!


Turkey Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American and Canadian customers

If you are planning on having a Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering, we have got you covered. This year, get your turkey dinner pre-made and delivered! We have options for individuals and groups which also include Roast Lamb, Bone-in Ham Leg, Prime Rib, Roast Pork and Honey Baked Ham. Our holiday sets are complete with all the trimmings so you can just place your order and enjoy the holiday!

How about a Turkey Dinner at work?

Since the holiday season is a time to celebrate together we are offering a special 50,000 won to anyone who orders a full Turkey Dinner Set for their office or work dinners! You can message us on Facebook for arrangements. Just have your company make their payment and we will wire the money straight to your account!



To place an order, just go to our Thanksgiving Dinner Page and get ready for a delicious feast.

Thanksgiving Turkey Image

We are incredibly thankful for patronage and all your continued support.

Happy Holidays!