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The Shuttle VIP Network

In 2020, we are building bridges to get our expat communities more connected.

Last year, we started assembling a network of expat focused organizations. We are offering in-kind sponsorships to a limited number of expat groups and communities, no strings attached. We are providing free deliveries and rebates on Shuttle orders along with VIP offers and discounts from a growing network of local services and businesses. The initiative is centered on giving back to you, our core demographic, the expat community of Korea. If you belong to an organization and you’d like to join our network, send us an email here or read more here.


Today, we are pleased to announce a new VIP partnership with Wonderful. Wonderful is a time based, bilingual personal assistant service helping foreigners living in and travelling to Korea. It’s like having a secretary or a Korean friend.

The team at Wonderful is staffed with bilingual assistants, who are trained to provide excellent customer service and many are expats themselves, so they have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea.

They’ve already processed over 150,000 requests made by expats and tourists over the years. If you’ve got a request, they’ve done it before. They help with things like making reservations to restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc., or booking tickets (bus, train, concert, baseball, etc.), or simply getting assistance with travel itinerary planning, making purchases online, shipping abroad, and a whole lot more.

What’s the offer?

Shuttle VIP customers will receive a 25% discount when they join Wonderful. The regular rate for the first 4 hours is 192,000 KRW at 800 KRW/min, but they are offering VIPs a discounted rate 600 KRW/min for the first four hours.

They are also offering a 5% discount for subsequent deposit top ups. This means that if a user is a Shuttle VIP customer, they can add time to their account at a rate of 760 KRW/min, or 182,400 KRW for 4 hours.

How to sign up?

To join Wonderful, just go to their website and sign up! Enter signup discount code: WONDERSHUTTLE20

You’ll be asked to share a screenshot/photo of your Shuttle VIP status listed in your account settings on the Shuttle app.

Interested in Wonderful? 



Easy Delivery In Seoul: Jongno Favourites

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Did you know Jongno is the most recent area added to our expanding delivery coverage in Seoul? As one of the old regions of the city, Jongno houses a great number of restaurants to feed the numerous visitors and business people that are in the area daily. Today we are introducing a handful of great places in Jongno you can order from. 

Gogabin Curry House

Gogabin offers an extended menu of delicious Japanese style curry. If you love curry but can’t eat spicy food, Gogabin has you covered. Try their Butter Chicken Curry with an avocado topping or sweet potato, have a spoonful of the Shrimp Spinach Curry with your favorite topping, or try the hearty Beef Tomato Curry. With rice and mild spice, there is no hungry man curry cannot feed. See full menu here.

Juicy Bros

We cannot get enough of healthy meals. Juicy Bros is one of those restaurants that’s harmonized protein and greens. Their meals come as salads topped with items such as shrimp, beef steak, chicken steak, eel steak, etc. They also offer a wide variety of fresh juice. If you want a healthy and fit body you don’t have to give up on having tasty food! See full menu here.


Mexican is one of those foods that match the palette of most people. With a nice and balanced combination of proteins, carbs, and vegetables it can be both very filling and healthy. Cuchara offers affordable and delicious chipotle style Mexican food. Are you hungry for burritos or tacos? Choose from the many options they have available. See full menu here.

Hooked Poke

Poke is a Hawaiian style delicacy that, like some other options on our list today, is healthy and well balanced. The meal includes a variety of proteins and vegetables dressed in mouth-watering sauces. try their Hawaiian Classic Poke, Yuzu Ponzu Salmon Poke, or even the vegan Wild Mushroom Poke. Hooked Poke is a great restaurant for eating with friends of different dietary preferences. See full menu here.


If you’re in the mood for Indian (Tibetan in this case) style curry, Potala is a great restaurant ran by a native Tibetan. They serve Tibetan, Nepalese, and Northern Indian style meals that are bound to make your mouth tingle with joy. The great thing about Potala is that it also offers vegetarian options so that everyone can eat happily. They also offer set menus, which are more of the good stuff at great prices. See full menu here.

Dos Tacos

Dos Tacos is our second Mexican restaurant of choice today. They have a great variety of Mexican dishes made with tasty and fresh ingredients. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and more: order whatever Mexican food you’ve been missing to your doorstep. If you like avocados, make sure you give the Avocado Chimichanga a try! See full menu here.

Burger Guru 72

At the end of a long day, nothing beats sinking your teeth into the soft bun of a hefty burger and tasting the juicy patty. Burger Guru 72 is going to satisfy that craving. Take a look at their menu and you’ll find something for everyone in the group. They offer more than just burgers, their menu extends to healthy salads cheese-filled quesadillas, and more. Have a warm filling meal tonight! See full menu here.

Are you living in the Jongno neighborhood? Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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The Best Spicy Delivery Meals

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Whether it’s the adrenaline or a complicated evolutionary trait, humans have a strange relationship with capsaicin filled foods. We love it, we hate it, and we love that we hate it. Humans are said to be the only animals that love eating spicy food! Spicy food makes a thrilling choice for dinner on a mundane weeknight. So let’s take a look at great spicy meals you can consider for tonight!

Buddha’s Belly (Itaewon)

Thai food has an amazing take on spicy food, it’s no wonder it’s become so popular around the world. Get your heart’s desire of Thai food such as spicy, sweet, and tangy noodles, Thai curry that brings your taste buds to life, and stir fries that leave you wanting more. They have an extensive menu offering you a lot of options to explore! See full menu here.

SSong Thai (Itaewon)

Ssong Thai is a very popular Thai restaurant in the Itaewon area. They are famous for their wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Meat lovers, fear not, they also have yummy beef, chicken and shrimp dishes. There is something to suit all tastes, this is the perfect delivery option for a big group. See full menu here.

Chakraa (Seocho)

Replete with colors and spices, who could forget Indian style meals when they’re hungry for spicy food? Chakraa boasts an authentic Indian menu with page after page of enticing dishes. And the great thing about Indian food is that each dish has a different type and level of spice so that everyone in the house can enjoy the meal that suits them best. See full menu here.

Anak (Yeoksam)

Of course, no one eats as spicy as Koreans do! Gochu might have been introduced to Korea in modern times, but it’s definitely found a secure place in complementing Korean cuisine. They are a specialty restaurant focused on making mouthwatering Steamed Kimchi. Raise the heat and have an appetizing spicy Korean meal today. See full menu here.

El Pino 323 (Itaewon)

On the other side of the planet, Mexicans have discovered the secret to food so tasty you cannot stop eating. On this side of the planet, a Korean man from L.A. is making spicy Mexican meals that are some of the best Mexican food made in Seoul! Fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, tortas, and more, this feast will make you want to try them all! See full menu here.

Delhi India (Mapo)

If you’re in search of some spicy delight, Delhi India has a lot to offer. Are you in the mood for a bite of Samosas? Or maybe you want the burning challenge of Chicken Tikka? Delhi India will surprise you. The food is tasty, and they have vegetarian and Halal options for the foodies with dietary restrictions. See full menu here.

Goms603 (Nonhyeon)

Goms603 has a menu filled with hearty western-style dishes such as steaks, pastas, burgers, and even wings. It’s true, not all their menu is spicy, but the ones that do have a kick to them are worth mentioning in this list. Try their Jalapeno Cream Hamburg Steak, Jalapeno Spicy Burger, Gochujang Rose Cream Pasta, or hot wings to spice things up for dinner tonight. See full menu here.

Do you love spicy food? Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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The Best Hearty Delivery Meals In Seoul

Written by Marie for Shuttle

The winter days might be cold but nothing can defeat the pleasure of a warm hearty meal delivered to your door at the end of a hard day of work. For the hungry hardworking you, we have a pick of restaurants that will make sure to please your taste buds. 

Potala (Jongro)

Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian foods are popular for a good reason, they have a zesty option for almost anyone. Are you a vegetarian who wants vegetarian food delivery in Seoul? Are you a Muslim who wants halal food delivery in Seoul? Give Potala’s delicious and authentic Tibetan meals a try. Potala’s menu is colorful with a wide variety of momos, samosas, naan, curries, and more. Check full menu here.

Pipit Burger (Itaewon)

Nothing beats a delicious 100% beef patty burger you can bite into while watching your favorite show at the end of the day. Pipit Burger offers tasty American style burgers that are sure to satisfy your hunger. They also offer fries, chilli fries, and sweet potato fries on the side! Check full menu here.

Dae Han Gak Chinese (Hongdae)

Dae Han Gak Chinese delivers fresh and tasty authentic Chinese meals to your door. From hot soups to noodles and fried rice you can eat to your heart’s desire. If you want a very big meal tonight, they have a set menu for one which pairs different items for a more affordable price. For our vegetarian friends who are looking for vegetarian Chinese food in Seoul, the restaurant might be able to substitute the meat for you. Check full menu here.

Homeboy Seoul (Mapo)

Chinese food has traveled all over the world and in each location adapted a bit of a local flair. If you want to give American Chinese food a try, or if you are an American who misses American Chinese food in Seoul, check out Homeboy Seoul’s delicious and colorful menu. Try their Dandan Noodle, Kung Pao Chicken, or –if you’re really hungry– shoot for the set menus which will leave you satiated with a happy belly. Check full menu here.

Burger Guru 72 (Jongnro)

With a nice balance of different ingredients, there’s no wonder burgers are one of the most popular foods around the world. Burger Guru 72 has a wide variety of delightful burgers some of which, like the Creamy Mushroom Cheeseburger, are pretty unique. Order a tasty and hearty burger with a side of fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, or salad. What’s more their A’ La Carte menu includes enticing options such as nachos, quesadillas, and buffalo wings. Check full menu here.

Rocka Doodle (Itaewon)

Rocka Doodle is run by passionate owners that have put together a very special menu. Their specialty is chicken burgers and Nashville Style Chicken. You’ll be pleased with their crispy, deep-fried, and juicy fried chickens. You can order coleslaw, corn salad, fries, or Nashville Hot Cheese Fries on the side to complement your delicious meal. Check full menu here.

Freshville (Gangnam)

Are you hungry for cutlets? Freshville delivers large portions of meaty and delicious pork cutlet to your door. Their menu also includes a good selection of omelets, risottos, pastas, salads, and sandwiches. Check full menu here.

Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Best Delivery Options For Family Meals In Korea

Written by Marie for Shuttle

This year, we wish you many happy family meals. Food from all around the world is better when we’re all together. We’ve made a selection of Korean and global restaurants that deliver delicious food that makes everyone in the house happy. Read on to find out more about the best family meal delivery options in Korea!

Trench Town (Itaewon)

Tasty, diverse, and exotic, Caribbean cuisine is a gem that can be hard to find around Seoul. Trench Town is one of the few locations you can find Caribbean foods such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken and BBQ ribs. Not only is the food a delight, but the portions are also big and hearty. You can choose side menu items like Coconut Rice and Beans and you’ll have more than enough to feed everyone. Check full menu here.

Amazing Thai (Gangnam)

From sweet to spicy with a variety of tasty ingredients on their menu, you’ll be able to order your favorite Thai dish from Amazing Thai. Order Chicken Pad Thai from their single menu or select from their Combo menu to add Tom Yam Goong, Poonim Pad Pong Garee, and rice to the dinner table tonight. Check full menu here.

Little Papa Pho (Jongro)

A spoonful of hot meaty broth and a mouthful of rice noodles will warm the family on a cold winter night. Little Papa Pho offers a variety of Vietnamese dishes such as delicious Brisket Rice Noodles, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Bring home the taste of Vietnam by ordering from the set menu of Bánh Xèo, your choice of rice noodles, and fried rice. Check full menu here.

On The Border (COEX)

Spicy, creamy, and nutritious, who can get enough of Mexican food? On The Border is a popular American restaurant that offers Tex-Mex style dishes. To match your delivery needs they offer a variety of portions ranging from party packs to large platters as well as their single menus. Hungry for Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, or Enchiladas? You can satisfy the pickiest eater in the family from this menu. They have branches all over the city so you are always one tap away from a filling portion of tasty Mexican food. Check full menu here.

Chicken Syndrome (Haeundae)

No one knows how to make fried chicken like Korea does, and it’s always a safe option when delivering in. Chicken Syndrome offers delicious fried chicken dishes and they have meals for everyone in the family. Children can enjoy the sweet Honey Teri Special and the spice lovers should give the Hot Special, So Hot Special, and Dandi Special a try. Check full menu here.

Loft33 Wings & Burgers (Pyeongtaek)

Salty, meaty, and cheezy, the flavors that put comfort in the word comfort-food. Loft33 is a popular sports bar in Pyeongtaek that serves American style food. Their endless menu has a nice variety of popular American dishes including wings, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and chili. Order in to cheer up the family and remedy homesickness. And don’t forget to try their fries. Check full menu here.

Pie Republic (Mapo)

Pie Republic’s meaty delicacies, including pies, rolls, and lamb chops, have received raving reviews. The chops are tender and juicy and the pie pastry flaky and fresh. Overall it is a great choice if you hope to treat the family to a special meal. Check full menu here.

Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Nordic Club Seoul Joins VIP Program

In 2018, Shuttle began forming strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations. Our exclusive VIP program delivers team members a range of promotions, incentives, and discounts. We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Seoul’s Nordic Club!

Nordic Club Seoul has a long, storied history. The club was orginally established in 1969 as a Women’s club, with the intention of uniting people originating from the Nordic countries. It has since grown and changed, and in line with this, the vision of the club was redefined.

Presently, Nordic Club Seoul has a diverse member-base consisting of a mix of professionals, students, ambassadors, freelancers and everything in between. Their vision is to create a well-established and inclusive community for people of all ages and backgrounds with ties to the Nordic countries. The community includes people not only originating from Nordic countries, but also people with keen interests in any of the countries.

In the past year, the club has grown tremendously, and now includes around 90 members from Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Korea, as well as people from other countries who all have a relationship with one of the Nordic countries. The Nordic Club has hosted various events ranging from social dinners, networking events, picnics, concerts, seminars, lectures, hiking trips and much more, and will continue to host even more events in the coming years as well. 

To join Nordic Club Seoul, go to and sign up. 

To learn more about Shuttle’s VIP program, read our blog here: 

To register your business or organization as a VIP partner, email us at:

Cozy Delivery Meals In Korea For The Holiday Season

Written by Marie for Shuttle

The holidays are slowly arriving and we at Shuttle couldn’t be more excited. It is the season Christmas of lights, music and spending time with friends or family. We made a selection of cozy delivery meals which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your warm home in the week leading up to Christmas. Read on to find out more!

Meat Lokaal (Itaewon)

Meat Lokaal in the Itaewon area specialises in artisan delicatessen. Using their own recipes they prepare special deli meats in small amounts including European-style sausages, smoked sausages, ham, bacon, pastrami, mortadella, and more. Perfect cosy dishes to try in the holiday season! See full menu here.

Wolfhound (Haeundae)

The Wolfhound is known for their amazing pub food, from fish & chips to burgers, fries, bangers & mash, burgers and much more. It is the best comfort food a winter night in. They also have a selection of excellent breakfast dishes like the The Whole Shebang Breakfast. Other Wolfhound restaurants are located in Seoul and Pyeongtaek. See full menu here.

Beth’s Poutine (Yongsan)

The house speciality at Beth’s Poutine in Yongsan are the poutines made with hand-cut fries, homemade cheese curds and a gravy sauce made with Korean beef tail and bones boiled for 8 hours. Are you vegetarian? Fear not, Beth’s Poutine also serves vegetarian poutines with guacamole or roasted mushrooms. See full menu here.

Maloney’s Pub & Grill (Humphreys)

Another great pub food restaurant! Maloney’s Pub & Grill is located in the Camp Humphreys area in Pyeongtaek and sells excellent burgers, sandwiches and pizza. Try the best selling Chicken Chuck Norris Burger or the yummy wings. See full menu here.

American Mood (Mapo)

Everything tastes better with cheese! If you are craving cheese, then this restaurant is a must try. American Mood also has two other restaurants that sell food through shuttle, one in Apgujeong and the other in Itaewon. This restaurants sells sandwiches with fries, mac & cheese and many other side dishes. Make sure to try the cheese whiz philly cheese steaks and the meat chili cheese fries. See full menu here.

Original Pancake House (Itaewon)

The yummy pancakes from the Original Pancake House in Itaewon are perfect to order during the holiday season, especially the house speciality Apple Pancake. Other excellent dishes include the original buttermilk pancakes, honey-cured thick cut bacon & eggs or the french toast. See full menu here.

Regina’s Brunch (Pyeongtaek)

Brunch, the new coolest meal of the day. Regina’s Brunch in Pyeongtaek serves a wide selection of yummy brunch meals. Make sure to try the signature Reginas Chicken & Waffle or the best selling Reginas B.E.C. See full menu here.

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Christmas Activity Calendar

🎄🎵 We wish you a Merry Christmas! 🎵🎄

The holidays are finally here! Merry Christmas everyone! 

This year, we put together a little activity calendar to keep you informed and help you get into the Christmas spirit! There are lots of indoor and outdoor activities that are great for solo missions, dates, or fun for the whole family.


Yeouido Ice Park | Seoul, Yeongdeungpo

November 23 ~ December 31, 2019 (10am ~ 9.30pm)

Yeouido Park is a popular outdoor destination in all seasons. This winter you can lace up your skates for some fun on the 1,800 sq. meter ice skating rink. Yeouido Ice Park also features a small sledding slope and a snow ‘playground’. Prices are super reasonable, starting at ₩2,000 for skating and ₩1,000 for skate rental—it’s fun for the whole family! If you get sick of the cold, they even have an indoor café that serves hot drinks and snacks.

Make a Miracle Winter | Lotte World, Seoul

November 23 ~ December 31, 2019 (9:30am ~ 11:00pm)

Lotte World is Korea’s only indoor amusement theme park, located in the Jamsil area. This year, they will host a kid-friendly Christmas light festival named, “Make a Miracle Winter.” The festival promises special holiday themed characters and performances in Christmas zones set up both indoors and outdoors. The highlight of the festival is the “Snow Castle” which is adorned with a stunning array of Christmas lights. Children can take a photograph with Santa Big Lotty and his friends indoors near the festival’s “Miracle Tree.”

Myeongdong Lights Festival  | Myeongdong, Seoul

December 1 ~ December 31, 2019

The Christmas spirit is buzzing in Myeongdong, Seoul’s most popular shopping district, along with all the shining lights. The streets of Myeongdong will be packed over the holiday as gift seekers take to the streets to shop and take in the sites and sounds of Christmas time. Expect large crowds, but truly one of the most lively Christmas festivals in Korea!

DDP Winter Light Festival | Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

December 20 ~ January 3, 2020

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation are hosting the Dongdaemun Design Plaza Winter Light Festival. The plaza will be covered with a media facade featuring the work of local artists. The theme, titled “DDP Light,” will showcase the intersection of art and technology whereby onlookers can experience an interpretation of “light.”

Miniature Christmas Village | Millennium Seoul Hilton

November 23, 2019 ~ Sunday Feb. 2, 2020. Daily, (10:30am ~ 10:30pm)

The Millennium Seoul Hilton is featuring it’s time-honored miniature Christmas village along with their Christmas Train setting. The holiday installation is a kid-friendly option that marks the Hilton’s 24th year displaying the Christmas village. Visitors can enter the lobby to view the village and the 10-meter-tall Christmas tree.

Pyeongchang Trout Festival | Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do

December 21 ~ February 2, 2020

The Pyeongchang Trout Festival is an annual holiday classic hosted in the cozy Gangwon town of Jinbu-myeon. The area is famed for trout farming in the cold, clear waters. Festival visitors can enjoy a huge lineup of  winter activities including: ice fishing, snow & ice activities like sledding, skating and sleigh rides, along with a traditional folk program. Any trout caught during the festival can be prepared at one of the many nearby restaurants. Prices for fishing start at ₩15,000, portable shelters can be rented for an additional ₩29,000, and successful  fisherwomen & fishermen can cook their catch for ₩3,000-5,000 at a restaurant. 

Busan Christmas Tree Festival | Busan, Nampodong

November 15 ~ January 5, 2020

Nampodong’s Christmas Tree Festival is celebrating their 10th year and is widely revered as one of Korea’s largest holiday festivals. This year, the festival will feature an assortment of family-friendly holiday activities like the tree of wishes, a photo and video contest, as well as a lineup of holiday-themed street performances. In addition to the daily lineup of events and concerts, visitors can also participate in the popular carol singing contest. The Busan Christmas Tree Festival is open to the public and completely free of charge.

Sledding Hill at Everland | Gyeonggi-do

December 1 ~ March 31, 2020 (10:00am ~ 9:00pm)

Everland’s ‘Snow Buster’ sledding hill is a popular outdoor attraction for groups and families. It’s great fun for those that want to enjoy the slopes but don’t ski or snowboard. Everland has a groomed sledding slope, sleds to rent, as well as heated lounges where you can warm up or with snacks, refreshments, and hot chocolate. Everland recently installed a convenient lift so riders can avoid the trek back up the hill after each ride. The entrance fee is nearly as steep as the hill, tickets for one day are ₩54,000 while two-day tickets cost ₩84,000.

Best Dessert Delivery For A Date Night In

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Looking for the perfect date night idea? Even if you have been dating for a while, you still have to find time now and then to have a romantic date night. But as it’s getting colder these day, you might not want to leave the house to go to a fancy restaurant. Why not stay in and order some yummy desserts? With Shuttle you can have desserts delivered right to your doorstep. Read on to find out more!

Always Tart (Sinchon)

Always Tart in the Sinchon area is the king of tarts! From yummy blueberry rhubarb tart to ganache tart, fig tart or walnut tart. All tarts are made daily from scratch, starting with the bottom crust which is mixed with an almond powder.

Pies can be purchased per 1/4 slices or as a whole. The diameter of the pies are 20 centimetres and if necessary the pies can be packed into a gift box with a card and candles. No way your date won’t be impressed with one of these stunning pies. Check full menu here.

Good Afternoon (Itaewon)

Good Afternoon is a British Style tea house located in the Gyeongnidan area. They serve lots of desserts and all kinds of teas, perfect for a classy date night in. All desserts served at Good Afternoon are made by the in store pastry chef which uses his own unique recipes. All teas are created by the Tea Blender and include teas like the classic English Milk Tea and Rooibos Vanilla Milk Tea. A must try is the delicious scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Check full menu here.

Am I Sweet (Seodaemun)

Am I Sweet in the Seodaemun area sells some of the most amazing macarons. They have no less than 20 different flavours including the best selling Banana Oreo Pearl, Purple Sweet Potato, Matcha Nutella and EarlGrey Milk Tea. Macarons can be ordered individually or in a special mix box. Check full menu here.

Sweet East (Itaewon)

Funnel cakes! What more do you need? The shop in the Yongsan area makes funnel cakes by pouring batter into hot cooking oil and deep frying the batter until it turns golden-brown. They sell 5 different flavour funnel cakes and also have a wide range of home made drinks available. Can’t pick your cake? Why not try the signature Carnival Classic Funnel Cake. Check full menu here.

Cre8 Cookies (Yeoksam)

Cre8 is a coffee shop located in Yeoksam which sells the all time best cookies in Seoul! They have 8 different cookies available on the menu and also a selection of drinks. The best selling cookie is the Cookies N Cream which is a match made in have. If you want to surprise your date, why not order a cute pink gift box? Check full menu here.

Mal Car (Yongsan)

Mal Car is a dessert shop known for their biscuit sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and loaf cakes. Their aim is to bring desserts from Europe and North America to Seoul but with a modern twist. Check full menu here.

ToPresso Pyeongtaek

Cakes, macarons, bingsu and dessert bread, ToPresso in Pyeongtaek has it all. Not a fan of desserts? They also have a selection of salads, sandwiches and coffees. Check full menu here.

Baskin Robbins Pyeongtaek

Baskin Robbins in Pyeongtaek offers all their flavours in a pint, quarter, family pack or half a gallon. Apart from their yummy icecream they also sell stunning cakes. Check full menu here.

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Best Delivery Food For A Movie Night In

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Teaching in Korea, life in general, can get quite busy and stressful that we don’t have the energy or time to go out and get together with our friends. Fear not, we’ve found a pretty good alternative. A movie night in with Shuttle delivery. Whether you are you just want to take a break and relax from work or get together with your friends, Shuttle Delivery is always there for you.

Hooked Poke (Jongro)

Poke bowls are constantly increasing in popularity and it is the perfect food to eat while watching a light rom com. At Hooked Poke in the heart of Euljiro, they serve the most yummy and well-balanced Hawaiian inspired poke. They have 6 different poke bowls on the menu and one of these is vegan friendly. Don’t know what to order? Why not go for the bestselling Hawaiian Classic Poke? See full menu here.

Vera Pizza (SPC Square)

Over the past months we have included Vera Pizza quite a few times in our listicles, but we just can’t get enough of their yummy pizzas. They have more than one restaurant in Seoul, but this one is located in SPS Square Gangnam. Vera Pizza is a modern Italian restaurant where you get to try authentic pizzas from the Italian city, Naples. The restaurant is certified by AVPN (the Napoli Pizza Association) and at Vera you’ll get good value for your money. See full menu here.

I Am A Burger (Hannam)

Both the Hongdae and Hannam I Am A Burger restaurants are available through Shuttle Delivery. It all started over 10 years ago when they opened a tiny restaurant in Hongdae. They are especially known for their yummy home-baked buns and it is the perfect food to order when watching an action or adventure movie. Don’t forget to add some yummy chili cheese fries. See full menu here.

Linus BBQ (Itaewon)

The food from Linus is perfect for those watching a suspense or thriller movie. We all know Linus BBQ as being an institution when it comes to barbecue restaurants. Their OG pulled pork sandwich is truly delicious as it’s made from tender hand-pulled smoky pork shoulder served on a herb toasted bun. It doesn’t get better than this. See full menu here.

World of Beer (Gangnam)

In the need of comfort food? Then World of Beer is your best option. They have a venue in Hongdae and Gangnam, and both offer delivery through Shuttle. Perfect if you are watching a sad drama. Make sure to try their best selling Mac & Cheese Bites, Street Tacos or BBQ Bacon Burger. See full menu here.

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