Ordering food during quarantine in Seoul

Welcome to Korea!

Self isolation can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting experience. 

And whether you’re getting 3 meals delivered to your room by the quarantine facility or your friend or family have set you up with a month’s worth of groceries, chances are you will 100% want to order food at some point.

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The bad news is, even if you are a master at image to text translation, most Korean food delivery apps will require a Korean phone number and a Korean card for payment. 

The good news is, with Shuttle you can order food with an international phone number and use your international credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum to place your order. 

You won’t need to rely on your Airbnb host or hotel to order food on your behalf.

We operate in many quarantine hotel areas such as Gangnam, Myeongdong, Jung-gu, Sinchon, and Hongdae.

You can check Shuttle’s delivery areas here.

Treat yourself to pizza, sushi, kebabs, fresh fruit, or whatever your heart desires. Shuttle’s got you covered. 

You can browse by category or search using keywords in our App or website. 

In the delivery instructions, just let us know that you are in quarantine, and the driver will drop off your order in front of your door or at the reception for it to be safely delivered to your door by the facility staff.

Use our discount code SHUTTLE and get 5,000 KRW off your first order. 

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To recap, Shuttle offers full English service, and you can: 

  • Create an account without a Korean phone number
  • Set your address in English (ex. 123 Itaewon-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu)
  • Place orders using foreign credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum
  • Live chat with our Customer Success team using the In-App Live Chat
  • Track your order

Bon appetit!

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Best Food Deliveries Before Clubbing in Itaewon

We all know that clubbing on an empty stomach or after a questionable dinner meal is a bad idea. It will lead to getting yourself drunk too quickly, having to leave the party early or even texting your ex with that “heyy you up?” question.

We will give you the top 5 meals that will prevent you from these things happening and we will explain you why. These meals will be delivered to your home while you can prepare for tonight’s party.

Bolonese Spaghetti from Dinette (Itaewon Region)

(A Classic Bolonese Sauce Tomato Pasta)

Get yourself a nice Spaghetti from Dinnet to have enough energy the rest of the night. Energy in the body comes from glucose which is stored in your body in the form of glycogen. When drinking, alcohol will deplete these sources of glycogen, but the carbs in a spaghetti will keep your glycogen levels up so you can party longer.
Order your Bolonese Spaghetti here

Chicken Quinoa Salad from La Ferme (Itaewon Region)

(Chicken, quinoa, broccoli, tomato, orange, rosemary, hazelnut, wholegrain mustard dressing and sweet pumpkin spread with bread)

Quinoa that is one of the main ingredients which is high in fibers that keeps your stomach full for the night. This prevents the strong effect alcohol can have on you. Besides that, with all these veggies you got yourself a super healthy meal.
Order your Chicken Quinoa Salad here

Granpa Burger from Rocka Doodle (Itaewon Region)

(A burger bun with chicken thigh, American cheese, scallion mayo, iceberg lettuce and tomato)

These ingredients make a first class mix of protein and carbs. Your stomach will slowly digest this meal what causes it to slow down the increase of alcohol in your blood. Besides that, you will taste one of the most amazing chicken burgers in Seoul.   
Order your Granpa Burger here

Indian Omelette from Bombay Grill (Itaewon Region)

(Perfect Pak-Indian breakfast !! cooked with 2 Egg and healthy herbs)

Not that hungry? A cheaper option is the Indian omelette. The eggs contain essential amino acids to help break down some of the alcohol faster. Besides, everybody likes a warm omelette with fresh herbs, Indian style!
Order your Indian Omelette here

Avocado Salad from La Ferme (Itaewon Region)

(Avocado, salmon, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, green bean, almond, lemon cream dressing, avocado spread with bread)

And saving the best for last this super food consists of many ingredients that perfect basis to start off your night. First of all quinoa is included in this amazing meal. Just like in the Chicken Quinoa Salad it decreases the surprising effect alcohol can have on you. Besides that, this meal is rich of healthy fats from the avocado. They have the same purpose as carbs, but digest even slower which has an even better prevention against alcohol. Last but not least, the salmon in this meal is rich of vitamin B-12 that play a role in physiologically functions, like short time memory. The salmon will actually help you remind last night better. All of this makes it one of your best meals to start off your night out.
Order your Avocado Salad here

Have fun clubbing in Itaewon!
If you didn’t sign up yet make sure to sign up via downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play and use the code “SHUTTLE” to get your first delivery for free.

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What type of food before clubbing works best for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Looking for Healthy Food Delivery in SEOUL? These Are Your Best Options!

In these wild times it is important to stay healthy. Staying healthy means eating healthy!

Pick from Shuttle’s vegetarian or health options! We’ve compiled a list of the healthiest restaurant options in Gangnam, Hongdae and Itaewon! Loads of tasty vegetarian and vegan options are included.


Ssong Thai (Yeoksam)

This restaurant with a vegan manager and many vegan customers brings vegan Thai food to your doorstep. Perfect if you are vegan and like Asian cuisine.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Bari (Gangnam)

Bari is a restaurant with a variety of rice salad bowls, smoothie bowls and warm bowls both in vegan or non-vegan options. Very Instagram friendly too.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Again Refresh (Gangnam)

Again Refresh is all about their customers health by making salad bowls with fresh ingredients prepared every morning.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Aloha Poke

Aloha Poke takes a modern twist on traditional Hawaiian Poke cuisine. It’s Hawaii’s favorite health conscious foods combined with locally sourced ingredients, international flavors, seasonal ingredients and popular global food trends. They provide healthy set meals, single meals and side dishes.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Pick & Carry (Gangnam)

Pick & carry has some nice looking salads you should check out.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Root Everyday (Seocho)

Root Everyday has many nice salad bowls. Each bowl is unique in its own way with no MSG, artificial chemicals, or sugar. You will have a high chance of finding the bowl that best fits your style.  

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

March Rabbit Salads

March Rabbit is a restaurant specialized in (based on the Southern Californian style) vegan, vegetarian, and traditional salads. Even better, you can create your own special salad.

Check this restaurant in the Gangnam area here

Sinchon & Hongdae


Beautiful looking salads with many nice ingredients that give you a healthy boost.

Check this restaurant in the Sinchon & Hongdae here

Pick & Carry (Hongdae)

Pick & carry is also in Hongdae and has some nice looking salads you should check out.

Check this restaurant in the Sinchon & Hongdae here

Salad Brothers

Eat good, Feel good! Salad brother provides healthy, tasty but still affordable food. Eating healthy in Seoul shouldn’t be hard.

Check this restaurant in the Sinchon & Hongdae here

Salad Company

Salad Company provides healthy colorful salads next to some delightful sandwiches.

Check this restaurant in the Sinchon & Hongdae here

Slow, Cali

Feel the Californian’s life through their soul food ‘POKE’! POKE is originally Hawaii’s representative local food. It’s a perfect meal with fresh seafood, vegetables, Hawaiian sauce and topping all mixed with rice

Check this restaurant in the Sinchon & Hongdae here



Bari is a restaurant with a variety of rice salad bowls, smoothie bowls and warm bowls both in vegan or non-vegan options. Very Instagram friendly too.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

Ssong Thai

This restaurant with a vegan manager and many vegan customers brings vegan Thai food to your doorstep. Perfect if you are vegan and like Asian cuisine.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here


Launched in 2015, Sprout is a Natural Healthy Whole Food meal service that delivers meals that are created by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for busy people who want to eat delicious food that also happens to be healthy. Sprout meals are all vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

The Salad Lab

The Salad Lab makes fresh salads that they prepare every morning with homemade dressing. Salad Lab’s signature sandwiches also go well with a fresh cold-pressed cleanse juice.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here


Vegetus is good for all of us. Between work and play, it can get too hectic to keep that all-too-important internal balance, but it is so necessary! If you are looking to live or dabble in a vegan, gluten-free, or healthier lifestyle then you gotta check out Vegetus. They have amazing vegan burgers, pizzas, salads and sides. Make your mom and your belly proud and eat your Vegetus!

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

La Ferme

La Ferme will make your La firm with its natural and healthy super foods such as quinoa, oats, lentil, avocado, beet and etc. La Ferme believes a healthy diet is the best way to love yourself. A variety of salads and main dishes are made fresh daily with superfoods. There are also cleanse smoothies that can help detox and reboot and for dessert try the chia seed pudding.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

What A Salad

What A Salad has a unique type of salad introducing the new culture of clean eating to Korea. Serving 8 signature salads and 12 homemade dressings to enjoy and more than 30 toppings are waiting for your customization as well.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

Root Everyday

Root Everyday has many nice salad bowls. Each bowl is unique in its own way with no MSG, artificial chemicals, or sugar. You will have a high chance of finding the bowl that best fits your style.

Check this restaurant in the Itaewon area here

Those were the best healthy food deliveries in Seoul. Let us know in the comments which one you went for!

If you didn’t sign up yet make sure to sign up via downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play and use the code “SHUTTLE” to get your first delivery for free.

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Shuttle 2018 VIP Program

vip-logo2Why is Shuttle finally doing a VIP program?
Shuttle is an English friendly food delivery service that delivers from Seoul’s best foreign restaurants. We launched our company in 2014 with two goals; first, we wanted to make delivery more accessible for foreigners who couldn’t speak Korean. Second, we wanted to expand restaurant options that were available for delivery. We wanted to give more options for consumers, both in terms of what types of cuisine are available for delivery, and how they can place and pay for orders. At present we deliver in the following areas: Yongsan-gu, Gangnam-gu, Jongno-gu, Jung-gu, Seodaemun-gu, Mapo-gu, Seocho-gu, Anjung-ri and Songtan.


Now we want offer even more from us! This VIP program is all about you, and building lasting bridges in our community. This VIP program is about promoting unity among the people supporting us. We hope the benefits of being in our VIP program will want you to continue to support our initiative to leave a lasting impression in the global community of Seoul.

What benefits do Shuttle VIP customers receive?

One free delivery fee every month (4,000 KRW value) on an order with the food value over 25,000 KRW
Delivery Fee rebate of 10% credited to your Shuttle account for all delivery fees paid during your status as a VIP customer. For example, you paid 250,000 KRW in delivery fees between June 1st – June 30th; on July 1st your Shuttle account will be credited 25,000 KRW (10% of delivery fees). You can use the credit any way you’d like.
Free delivery credit on your birthday every year. Invites to Shuttle customer appreciation events throughout the year

How do I become a Shuttle VIP customer?

You can become a Shuttle VIP customer two ways:
You are a member of an organization that has partnered with Shuttle to offer its members Shuttle VIP status.
Your orders on Shuttle the previous calendar month totaled more than 750,000 KRW. For example, if your order total between June 1st – June 30th was 751,000 KRW then your account will automatically be elevated to Shuttle VIP status between July 1st – July 31st.

Can I lose my status as a Shuttle VIP customer?
Yes, Shuttle VIP status is checked every six months with partner organizations to ensure members are still an active part of said organization. If you cease to be an active member your Shuttle VIP status will be revoked. Shuttle status for Shuttle customers will automatically be checked every month, if your order total was lower than 750,000 KRW between June 1st – June 30th your Shuttle VIP status will be removed starting July 1st.

Does becoming a Shuttle VIP customer cost money?
You cannot buy VIP membership. At present only people who are partnered with organizations Shuttle cooperates with or Shuttle Delivery customers spending over 750,000 KRW per calendar month are eligible for VIP status.













How do I get access to Shuttle VIP through my local organization or group? Here is the Sponsorship Application process!

Application Process
Organizations are welcome to submit sponsorship proposals to partners@shuttledelivery.co.kr.
Proposals should include the following:
Description and history of the organization, event or program the applicant wants Shuttle to sponsor.
Explanation of why Shuttle should sponsor particular organization, event and/or program, including sponsorship benefits to Shuttle.
Audience demographics for event or program.
Sponsorship levels available, including a list of other partners, if applicable.
Sponsorship levels and costs associated with each level.
Deadline for sponsorship decision.
Post-event evaluation process.
Existing sponsors.
Before submitting any proposal, the sponsorship Evaluation Criteria listed below should be considered.

Affiliate Marketing

Evaluation Criteria
Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against several criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that Shuttle establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit our corporation and the partnering organization.
Proposals are evaluated for:
Tangible business benefits associated with the partnership.
Positive exposure consistent with Shuttle’s brands.
Hyper-local scope, with the ability to mobilize members on a local level.
Opportunity to create long-term value.
Opportunity to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
Ability to create cross-promotional initiatives.
Potential for long-term, sustainable partnerships and/or relationships, that allows Shuttle to connect to its target consumers and market its products and services.
Demonstrated experience in delivering added value to current or previous sponsors.

[Ended] Announcing Shuttle’s Lucky Lotto Live!


Shuttle Fam ~

We are about to embark on another fun concept which we hope you’ll all participate in and get excited about. The other day our team was at Shuttle HQ  brainstorming of cool ways to engage more with the community besides just delivering your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. We thought, “Why not make ordering from us even more exciting by raising the stakes a little higher while still focusing on the core element of delivering the food accurately and on time?”

Every Thursday at 5:00 PM we are launching a weekly lotto via Shuttle Facebook Live, the name will be, Lucky Lotto Live! This lotto event is not intended for Shuttle Delivery to make any type of profit and you are not required to purchase a set of numbers in order to participate. You will automatically get a number after every order you place on Shuttle; no physical ticket will ever be required to claim your prize.

Why are we starting Lucky Lotto Live? It’s fun and we want to give back to our loyal customers in a fun and adventurous way! We hope you will really appreciate the prizes that can be won as well as the excitement of checking your numbers every week.


What are the prizes?

The prizes range from free delivery (4,000 KRW) for those that match four numbers; to gift certificates of 50,000 KRW and a Shuttle hoodie for five number winners; to the grand prize of free delivery fees for a year!

How do you win?

You must match at least four of the winning Lucky Lotto Live numbers with the numbers listed on the bottom of your order confirmation page or confirmation email.

How do you check the order numbers?

Each order that you make with Shuttle will have a Lucky Lotto Live number at the bottom of the order confirmation page as well as on each confirmation email sent out.

When can you win?

The drawing will be held every Thursday at 5:00 PM on Facebook Live. We hope you all tune in to see if you won but we will also upload the weekly show on Shuttle’s Youtube channel to view later in the week if you miss the live show.

What are the conditions for claiming your prize? You have all the way up until the the following week’s Lucky Lotto Live to claim your prize.

* Lucky Lotto program ended 11th January, 2020.

An Intern’s Day At Shuttle Delivery By SFS Student Geo Sanghyuk Yoo


A collective which strives for revenue, not people: that is the most common perception one has towards a corporation or a business. I too, as a mere student that hasn’t experienced much of this vast industry, had the same shades on when viewing companies. However, that stereotypical lens was shattered into pieces when I experienced the business environment within a small start-up company named Shuttle Delivery. To be quite frank, nothing that occured was anything close to what I expected–a complete shock in terms of my 15 year lifetime. Even though I had many experiences with collaborative work within school, the cooperative environment I encountered at a workplace like Shuttle was completely different. It felt as if every contributor of the company was upheld with utmost respect and was given fair credit for everything they accomplished. Instead of focusing on how to gain the most profit, the whole company strives towards building relationships, both internally and externally. I could see that everybody was extremely passionate about their job, each doing their part to accomplish a greater goal.


One sector that really spoke to me was the customer service team in the company. Overflowing with calls every single second, I could see the intensity within the room as everyone rushed to keep things organized. What really surprised me is that even though they were in such an overwhelming and intense situation, they always kept their composure and kindness. The way they treat their customers with individualized care was fascinating, and I could proudly say that I would be very happy with the service even if I was a customer myself.


Just to provide a bit of insight as in what the internal atmosphere of this company actually feels like, I’ve interviewed the head of the customer service department.


Question #1: How long have you worked in Shuttle and how was your experience so far?


I have been in Shuttle for 2 years now. The work is sometimes stressful when issues pop out, but it’s usually very manageable.


Question #2: What do you think is different about the Shuttle community compared to other companies?


I have to say that the working environment here is much more free than other places. Also, it’s really nice as I can say my opinions freely towards the development of the company.


Question #3: What is the most interesting experience you’ve had whilst being part of the team?


I would say that the most interesting experience I had was just spending time with everyone while having dinner after work. After a stressful day, having good food with good people will always be remembered.


In my opinion, Shuttle is like a David in the bible–a small powerhouse which has the potential to compete against colossal opponents. With gigantic companies such as FoodFly or 배달의 민족 monopolizing the market, it’s hard for small start-up businesses like Shuttle to survive in this industry. However, after experiencing the exceptional internal atmosphere of the company, I could see how maybe, just maybe, this small business can be a gamechanger. Encompassing family-like characteristics that none of the gigantic corporations can ever imagine, the Shuttle team’s sense of unification and cooperation is amazing, and that directly shows towards the end consumer as well.


An Intern’s Day At Shuttle Delivery By SFS Student Elias Kim


As the school year comes to a close we see school’s start offering new opportunities to their students. One of these opportunities is for two Seoul Foreign School students to spend a week here at shuttle. During our time here we will be taking a look at the different parts of the business, from the customer service, to the sales, and marketing teams.


Yesterday, we got a chance to call some of Shuttle’s partner restaurants and ask them a few questions. Not many of them spoke fluent english so it was more difficult for me as I can’t speak Korean. Nevertheless I managed to get a few answers out of the polite restaurant employees. Most of the questions I asked were either about the restaurants, or later on their relationship with shuttle. I wanted to know more about this as a highschool student going into their junior year without much of an idea of what they want to go into in the future I wanted to know most about what being a business entails and what helps to make a business successful. I wouldn’t consider myself the most qualified person to talk about this as someone who has next to no experience with the business world but being able to glean the information I could was really beneficial for me. It helped me think about what kind of person I want to be in the future and, if I was to go into business, what kind of business I would want to run.


The first set of calls I made was to restaurants in the Yeonhui-dong area. Most of the restaurants either didn’t pick up, had managers who were absent, or couldn’t speak english so I could only awkwardly thank them for their time and move on. As a Korean person growing up in Korea without speaking Korean I had faced these kinds of problems before, but it was painfully visible when I didn’t know how to ask if the restaurants had an english speaker that I was struggling. I was however able get a few answers from Delhi India at the start, and this helped me stay motivated for the rest of the time I called in the Yeonhui-dong area. The first thing I had wanted to know was about the people and the restaurant themselves. It was interesting to learn more about the people running the restaurants rather than just focusing on the food. Aside from those I started to want to learn more about shuttle itself and how it had affected the businesses of those it partnered with. There was a wide difference. For Delhi India shuttle seemed to have helped them gain more customers and exposure. While for Beth’s Poutine, a restaurant in the second round of calls to Itaewon, didn’t seem to have noticed any real difference in their sales from before and after they partnered with shuttle. Another interesting difference I noticed was that with larger chain companies like Halal Guys the answers given were much shorter and were relatively vague in comparison to the smaller diner like restaurants. The answers the managers were able to give were also very different. At Delhi India the manager was able to answer all the questions regarding major decisions in the restaurant like the location and genre of food. At Halal Guys the manager position was just another rung on the ladder. The person in the position had been promoted to it 4 months prior. It was interesting to see the differences between the two extremes and it helped me have a clearer view on what’s more important in a job that I would want in the future. A steady stable income with the reassurance of a franchise behind your back. Or the relative freedom that comes with starting and managing your own restaurant.

April showers bring…LONGER Shuttle operating hours!


Hello to all you lovely Seoulites and congrats on making it through a very cold Seoul winter. Thank you for supporting us and helping us blow past previous order records; obviously, we wouldn’t be able to keep growing if it weren’t for you guys. With every order we aim to up our game and strive to give ya’ll the easiest & best possible delivery experience.


April Showers bring…LONGER hours! Yep, you read that correctly; starting April 2nd we will start service at 11:00 AM and accept orders through midnight. We will NO LONGER be having a lunch break during the weekdays between 3:00 and 4:30 PM, we’ll remain open all day. Previously our hours of operation were from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM with a break between 3:00 – 4:30 PM, so this gives you guys four and a half more hours to get food delivered directly to your doorstep. We’ve had many customers request longer delivery hours because they work late, we hope this helps you guys out! We’ll test the new hours for one month, then re-evaluate how popular staying open past 9:30 is; if popular we will keep the extended hours. Please keep in mind that many of our partner restaurants close between 9:00 – 10:00 PM, but don’t worry, we’ll do our best to curate a selection ample enough to satisfy your late night Crave-ings!


We really want to add more features to help make our service more convenient and satisfying for our Shuttle Family. So if you guys ever have any suggestions or feedback please let us know and we will do our very best to get those sorted as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for choosing Shuttle as your delivery service, we really appreciate all the support we get from you guys. Next time you feel we’ve completed a five star “worthy” delivery it would be AMAZING if you could rate us on the App Store, Google Play, or Facebook. As a small business we need all the SEO help we can get and positive reviews definitely help us with potential new customers.


Shuttle Delivery is now accepting Bitcoin Cash

That’s right, now you can use another one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies to buy your food, and get it delivered. We are proud to announce that we are the first food delivery company in Korea to accept Bitcoin Cash.

Shuttle charges no additional fee to pay via Bitcoin Cash. You can use any wallet you have on your phone, and – thanks to our partner solution at BitPay – payments just take a few seconds to confirm. All prices are instantly converted from Korean won to Bitcoin Cash with almost no transaction fees! 


How do I use Bitcoin Cash on Shuttle?

1. Get some Bitcoin Cash
The easiest way is to sign up for an exchange like Korbit or Coinbase where you can change your KRW to BCH

2. Shop
Select a restaurant, add your food to the cart and click “Order” to get to the checkout page. There you select “Bitcoin Cash”

3. A popup for your payment opens


4. Scan to pay 
Take out your phone that has a Bitcoin Cash wallet app installed, and use the “Scan” or “Read QR code” function of your app.


5. Done
Lean back, Shuttle will handle the rest from here!

Why Another Crypto Currency Payment Option?

Korea is a technologically advanced and progressive country. But online payments have always been a source of frustration for Koreans in general, and expats especially. The prerequisites for online payments are numerous. You need to download and install numerous security plugins, provide a Korean ID number, a Korean phone number that is registered in your name, and then you can only use Internet Explorer. For the foreign community in Seoul, who – in proportion- use more Macs and often lack one of the above requirements, this is a major pain point. We received a lot of great feedback when we introduced the ability to pay with Bitcoin in July 2017, but people kept asking “Will you offer other crypto currencies later?”. This will be our second crypto currency accepted as payment but it will not be our last!


We’re a bunch of early adopters who believe that there is always a better technology out there to solve our problems. And because Korea has these unique issues that hinder the spread of easy and affordable online payment options, we saw cryptocurrencies as a perfect fit for our and our customer’s problems. We live in exciting times; So accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment option is the logical next step for Shuttle Delivery!

More Delivery Options will be Available in Gangnam!


Coming soon! Shuttle plans to add at least 60 new options for it’s Gangnam customers.  


Right now there are only about 14 delivery options in Gangnam on the Shuttle Delivery service.  We want this number to grow to about 75 in the next couple months and eventually reach 150 options. We want customers in Gangnam to feel like they are getting just as many choices as the Itaewon customers have gotten used to having.  


We understand that our service is probably not well known to the folks living in Gangnam because they are not seeing that many restaurants that interest them. We know in order to get them to spread the word to their friends and colleagues; we must give them something worth talking about. There needs to be a clear sign of dedication to their needs and concerns.  The way to exhibit that dedication is by showing the community of Gangnam that we are more present, and with an intention to grow further in that region.  


Many of the restaurants we plan to add, include local burger favorites like Gilbert Burgers, and Firebell. Also local pizza go-tos like Brick Oven Pizza and The Booth will be targeted. Cherished Gangnam darlings like Bad Farmers, Pick-a-bagel, Jihal Guys, Holee Chow will be aimed for as well. Last but not least we totally intend to gather international chains like California Pizza Kitchen, Subway, and Quiznos. We really want to offer something for everyone’s taste so this will hopefully be a more comprehensive solution for the Gangnam community to help with their delivery needs.   


This will hopefully show the entire Seoul community about our commitment to growing and improving.  We hope this jumpstarts us to eventually take over more areas in Seoul and eventually all over Korea. This will be a very important chapter in the story of our existence in the Korean food delivery ecosystem.  We hope you guys will support us on our newest venture and we will do our best to make your support worthwhile.