What is Shuttle Delivery?

Our company is a Korean and English-friendly, food delivery service between restaurants in Korea, and their customers. The service we provide allows people to place food orders online in both Korean and English. By removing language hurdles we allow busy customers to dine at their favorite restaurants from the comfort of their living rooms and workplaces. Please note, all menu prices are determined by restaurant management.

What are your operating hours?

Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. We are open on holidays.

How do I order?

Our goal is to make our website as user friendly as possible; orders can be placed using the following devices: desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android. We encourage our users to create an account using their email address. Once you’re registered you can link as many addresses to your website as you’d like. After that it is pretty simple: 1. Choose Address, 2. Choose Restaurant, 3. Choose Food, 4. Confirm Order/Check Out, 5. Relax.

What is my delivery fee?

Delivery fees are structured so that the farther your home is from the restaurant the higher the delivery fee will be. The closer your home is the restaurant, the quicker the food will be delivered. Once you select your address, our website populates the restaurants in order from closest (on top) to farthest (on bottom) from the selected address. When choosing a restaurant, keep in mind, if you select a restaurant with higher delivery fees it means you are farther away which means delivery will take longer and food quality may suffer.

How long will it take?

It varies by delivery distance and type of cuisine delivered but our aim is to bring the food to your door as fresh as possible. Under normal circumstances (no rain and ample amount of drivers), an order in the minimum delivery area should take around 40-60 minutes.

Can I order items that are not on the menu?

No, every order must be prepaid and must be paid for at checkout.


Our drivers do not expect, and should never ask, to be tipped but if you are gracious enough to do so, they will definitely appreciate it. If a driver demands a tip please email founders@shuttledelivery.co.kr.

What if there are service issues?

If you need to contact us regarding issues with your order please message us using Live Chat in the Shuttle app or at Facebook.com/ShuttleDeliveryCo.

Same price as restaurants

We encourage our partner restaurants to list menu items on our website the same price as the menu items in their restaurant. Any discrepancy between our prices and an in-house price is set by the restaurant, not Shuttle.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept payment by all major credit cards and Korean debit cards.

Do you confirm my order?

After every order you will receive a receipt to your email address. Once you receive the email please check the order to make sure your order is correct. If you did not get your email confirmation, please contact us through phone or Facebook so we can confirm your order. After the restaurant has received and confirmed your order you will receive a text message to the phone number linked to your account with an approximate delivery time.

Business Development

If you are a customer who’d like to see a new restaurant added OR are the manager at a restaurant who’d like to partner with Shuttle Delivery OR are living in a city that you think deserves Shuttle Delivery, please email founders@shuttledelivery.co.kr.

What is Shuttle Credit?

Shuttle Credit is money that you can use for your orders. To use it, just go through the normal ordering process. On the last page you will see a button called "Use Credit" if you have any. To check your Credit balance, please log in and click on "My Account". You can earn credit if you recommend Shuttle to your friends and they place their first order. Go to "My Account > Tell A Friend" to learn more.

Can I send food to my friend as a gift if I am not in Korea?

Yes, you can however if you don’t want your friend to pay our driver upon arrival you should pay one of two ways: PayPal (see instructions above) or a Korean bank card/credit card. Please contact us in advance to arrange prepayments, so we can get the food to your friend as quick as possible.

Can I buy Shuttle deliveries as a gift for somebody?

Yes, you can purchase gift credit for another person. The person will be able to purchase items from any restaurant until they use up the amount of credit you’ve issued them. To buy gift credit, please send money through PayPal or bank transfer beforehand. We usually issue vouchers for 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 won.

How can I send you money through PayPal?

To pay for your own regular order, simply click "PayPal" when you are submitting your order and follow the steps provided. If you want to send gift to a friend, or you can not use the regular process for some other reason, you can manually send us money through Paypal. Our PayPal account is info@shuttledelivery.co.kr. If you choose to pay by manually sending a PayPal payment, it will be calculated at the rate of 1,210 KRW = $1 USD. We review this rate regularly to ensure it tracks close to PayPal's internal rate. If you have any questions regarding PayPal transfers please message us at Facebook.com/ShuttleDeliveryCo.

Can you do Catering for my event?

If you would like to enquire about catering services, from any Shuttle restaurant partner, including those outside your delivery zone, please contact us at Facebook.com/ShuttleDeliveryCo or by emailing founders@shuttledelivery.co.kr.
In March, the Shuttle Team launched full-service catering operation, Crave Catering. Crave has catered events at the American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, British Embassy, Seoul Foreign School, Yongsan International School, and numerous private events

Do you have an app?

Yes! You can also order from Shuttle through our iPhone or Android app, scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the download links. The app interface is the most up-to-date version of Shuttle and provides a superior user experience; if you're using the website please keep in mind that the website may not offer every feature that the app has. For the best experience please download the app because we push updates regularly.