Coreanos Kitchen

Mexican Fusion Cuisine with a Modern Korean Twist

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Cuisines Mexican
Tags Instagram friendly, Shuttle Favorite
Preparation Time Prep Time about 20 minutes
신사동 657-11 B1 View Map


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Restaurant Info

Coreanos es mi corazón! Gene Cho founder and creative visionary behind the tasty tacos and beefy burritos that we have all come to love, started off with the "Coreanos" food truck in Austin, Texas in 2010. Since then, Coreanos has been serving delectable and delicious Mexican fusion cuisine all over the streets of Texas. At Coreanos Kitchen in Korea, all those classic Coreanos favorites alongside new creations have become the epitome of Mexican fusion cuisine with a modern Korean twist. Coreanos can come to you!
Note: Up to 2 toppings can be served separately.
Note: Any ingredients of pico de gallo can't be removed

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Tuesday 12:00 PM 8:55 PM
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Branch Name Gu Dong
Coreanos Kitchen
Coreanos Kitchen (Sinsa)